Has time got bored of going forward?

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it was today during a class,i was so bored by the lecture that i was waiting for the class to get over. then i had a feeling that the time has got bored of going forward and it has come to a stand still.Now the philosophical thoughts started creeping into my mind.I realized that how much one second matters in one’s life. A  second can really sometimes turn around one’s life.I started questioning myself have i made use of that one second. What have i been doing so far in my life? Life is surprising ,isn’t it? That’s why it’s exciting. Then why does it becomes boring. Are we getting bored or is it the life that is getting bored of us? Life is a puzzle. That’s why it’s exciting. Life is strange or are we strangers to life. In search of these answers , i can’t go anywhere because the time has got bored of going forward.

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  1. well anurag, i’m really glad to read ur post.It makes me feel happy to know there are some more people in the class who think much the same way like me, even i wonder why the ***l is this prof speaking, what’s he speaking, and most importantly why am i even trying to listen him/her… when i know that certain subjects won’t be of any use in my near or distant future… [:(]
    good job… keep motivating ppl like me… [:D]

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