Why monkey could be our ancestors?

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Well,you might be knowing that according to our evolution theory,monkey are our ancestors.We take this as a fact for granted.But personally,we seldom bother to see our connection with monkeys.Now as the heading of my blog reads “Random Thoughts”,the evidences i give to prove that our ancestors are monkey may appear naive and random for sure.And not cutting the crap down,let me go on to describe 2 scenes from our daily life which all of us would have observed.

Scene 1: I am going back to my hostel.I observe a goat rubbing it’s body against the small wall of the sidewalk.So,it was evident that the goat was helping itself by letting the wall itch her body.(ya,it was a female goat,but i am not a goat-lover).Seeing the poor female goat needing a wall to help herself out,I thanked God for making me armed(literally and symbolically) to itch myself without looking for someone or something.

Scene 2:Well,sorry folks,scene 2 didn’t take place in real.But it took place in my imagination.

Imaginary part of Scene 2:I was thinking that we humans are really lucky to be armed to itch ourselves out.Now,I really feel sorry for armless people,they are reduced to the state of a goat,damn.
But then i realized that there was an animal which could itch himself like us.The animal is monkey.

So,summing up the scene 1 and imaginary scene 2,it is evident that humans as well as monkey are capable of itching themselves.And this may not be a mere coincidence,it points out that monkey could be our ancestors.That’s all i have to say.
(Now,this is what i call scientific reasoning and logic skills at display.I hope you appreciated my scientific temper.)

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