Writer Block

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“i think that i am unable to think.”
My mind:
After studying philosophy for the last two years,sentences like this has started amusing me.The great Descartes said “I think,therefore I am”.If you take philosophy seriously,then it can drive you to doubting your own existence.It’s really hard for me to recall what did i study in philosophy classes.I think we kept discussing whether consciousness is a property of mind or a property of body.But why am i talking about philosophy.
My consciousness:
you are talking about philosophy because you are really bored and trying to find amusement in such pathetic sentences.Go and get a life.People talk about philosophy when they are at their wits end.
My mind:
i know why i am writing this blog because i am experiencing a writer block right now.So,by letting the crap out of my mind,i am trying to get over my writer block.If you think this is amusing,go to hell but i am coming with you.

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