i got the opjems 2008 scholarship

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whenever i am too bored or too excited ,i end up finding myself writing a blog on the blogger like this one.and you won’t be getting any cookies for guessing the mood in which i am now.
i had been waiting anxiously for the results of opjems to come in and settle me down.Now it has arrived and has pleasantly surprised me.It has erased my memories of a not-so-good midterms.So,now comes the vote of thanks

#Thanks-giving speech (i am changing moods now)
i would like to thank my neighbors for letting me share their food otherwise i would have starved to death.i would like to thank my friends who said to me that i crack a lot of PJ’s.i would like to thank my friends who bore the brunt of my PJ’s.
i would like to thank my elder brother for showing me the path always.
#you are still reading,ok then i should thank you for showing patience to #endure my thanksgiving speech.
i would like to thank my best friend whose dream celebrity was Aishwarya Rai.
i would like to thank the stranger to whom i gave the directions.
i would like to thank Ramnik and Gunjan for their suggestions.
#i am crying now ….are you not moved,thou emotionless soul!
i would like to thank Anand for once saying that i do not say PJ’s but give witty answers.thanks anand,for giving me confidence.
i would like to thank my batchmates for tolerating my PPJ’s(poorest of PJ’s) with a frustrated look.
#last but not the least
i thank my friends chikda,chacha,goli,andhera,kamal and yaggi for being there always to tolerate my PJ’s and cheer me up with their PJ’s.
thank you everyone for reading this blog till the end.
(i can tell you that you definitely have a quality of patience. )

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