29 : 2017

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29 is a card game for ardent card-game lovers.
29 is a prime,natural number for a mathematician.
29 is the number of days in the month of February in a leap year.

29 was my gtalk status message on Friday.
29 is my score in mid-semesters paper of Databases.

29:2017 was my gtalk status message on Saturday.
29 is my score in mid-semesters paper of Databases.
*29 shall be my age in 2017.

What did i conclude from response of people to this message?
1)Strange,yet true only people from CSE department pinged me on gtalk to know the reason behind the message.
2)Only Gautam was good enough to find the reason after being prompted.
And to some extent Harish also.
3)10 of them changed their status message and made similar ones like 32.5:2020 ,35:2023,xx:20xx.etc….
4)I wrote a blog on 29:2017

1) CSE people are the only ones who are completely jobless and keep looking into the status messages of others for amusement.Others are busy watching movies or soaps for amusement.
2) CSE people still have their curiosity intact as well as their joblessness.
kudos to all CSE people.
3) CSE people like to follow the trend which amuses them.
4) I have got leadership quality since i led 10 other batchmates to follow my example and change their status message.
5)I am totally jobless.

Remark by my sub-consciousness on whole thing:
“4 facts aur 5 inferences,bahut naainsaafi hai !”

*Conditions apply.

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