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BBC World is taking the interview of an IITian named ‘A’.

BBC:What are your views about Chinese power?
A:(uhhh…)Chinese p*** is awesome.

BBC:What are your views on legalizing homosexuality in India?
A:(umm…)Homosexuality should be legalized in India.It will help us keep a check on our population.

BBC:What do you do for timepass?
A:For timepass,i solve my class assignments.My favorite timepass was reading pintos code.
I wrote this on jan 18
Gautam says:

sell the kids for food, weather changes moods, spring is here again. reproductive glands.
If someone could decipher these lines,please leave behind a comment.

I have got the reply to my question on jan 19.
these lines are from a song In bloom-by Nirvana.
i should have the way i learned a few new urban words from the response of my friend RaviKiran.
i learned the new terms such as JFGI,GIYF,RTFM,STFW.
to find out more about these words JFGI.Here’a a link that might help.
Joke of the day:
Q.What is the difference between a prostitute and a slut?
A.A prostitute is someone who sleeps around with everyone but a slut is someone who sleeps around with everyone except you.
A CSE student finds a lot of students in the HSS Elective:Language and Communication.He curiously asks an ECE guy why are there so many ECE students in this elective.The ECE guy replies that most of them joined this course because they saw the phrase “Communication” in the name of this elective.

Intellectually Stimulating
22 jan 2009.
It’s 3.19 am in the morning(or perhaps night) and i have been unable to find something intellectually stimulating on the web since the last few hours.I have been toggling across the various websites such as,,, and newsgroup.
Though i haven’t been stimulated intellectually,but i feel i have been definitely stimulated in some other ways.Is it my fault that i am searching intellectually stimulating material at the wrong places or is it that wrong material is present at the intellectually stimulating websites?Did you get the jest of what i was saying?
An abrupt ending.

(to be updated as regularly as I can)

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  1. “Is it my fault that i am searching intellectually stimulating material at the wrong places or is it that wrong material is present at the intellectually stimulating websites.” and you shall find what..

  2. sometimes,the title may be misleading.

    hope that by reading it,your neurons got intellectually stimulated.

    😉 (copy+paste)

  3. ha ha i was just really bored.

    i am sick, but i can’t sleep…

    any way i googled “something intellectually stimulating please”

    and i got your blog.

    is it my fault that your website isn’t what i wanted?

    of course it is. I should have just gone to new scientist.

    but dude that was a joke right, “i just read face book”

    of course there isn’t anything intellectually stimulating on there. But on the plus side you can become a fan of stationary.

    peace and love and a little bit of hate to keep things honest.

  4. oh man i am in a predicament.

    by writing two comments i look like a creep.

    but by leaving only one i look like i came on your site didn’t read anything and then commented.

    Although now i just look like i came on your site didn’t read anything, wrote a comment, then read my comment and then commented on it.

    but sorry, any way. Loved the thing about india and legalizing homosexuality. And i read that first. Honestly then i remembered that i liked it.

    oh man. sorry brother.

    you can delete this if you want i wouldn’t be offended.

  5. hey man,
    thank you very much for sharing your feelings with me.The comments appears a bit weird and high intellect material.
    sorry man,i am such a big fool that i really can’t make out from your 2 comments that you were trying to hurt me in some sense.
    thank you very much for taking your time to comment on this crappy post.

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