A lazy morning-part 1

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It was a lazy morning.It was 9.50 am but he was still sleeping.His door always stays unlocked so that the boy next door could come in and wake him up.I,being his next door boy, had entered his room to perform this task. I called out his name thrice at the top of my voice but the only response i got was a switch of sleeping positions from left side to right side.A thought flashed across my mind.Someone has rightly said that a person even while sleeping can apply the natural laws of science to adapt to the change.In this case,he had effectively applied the Doppler Effect to decrease the intensity of my voice reaching him.I said to myself “Wow,that adage is 100% correct”.I realized that today my task of getting him up for the class would be a tough challenge.Perhaps,he was dreaming of ‘the girl next door’.It seems he was having a great time with her as a smirk swept across his face.Left with no options except to use the ultimate weapon to wake him,I shouted “Mandi” .As expected,he came alive and his dreams were shattered to find the boy next door instead of the girl next door, in real world,shouting at him.

(to be contd …)

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