A lazy morning-part 2

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(Recap:He was sleeping and i was making efforts to wake him.At the end,he wakes up after listening the word “Mandi”.Mandi is a character who has made the life of people like him miserable by enforcing the 75% compulsory attendance rule.Now the lazy morning part-2 continues.)

He looks at me and says “thank you for waking me” but he actually meant “fuck you and Mandi for interrupting my dreams”.He rushes to the toilet and quickly finishes the everyday chores.He gets hold of his tablet PC and hurries down the staircases and heads towards the mess.He observes a long waiting queue for the breakfast.He then sees it’s 10.15 am and realizes that he is already late for Mr.Mandi’s class.He runs to the cycle stand and paddles his way to the classroom as quickly as possible.

(change of narrator now.)

He has arrived at the class 22 minutes late.He silently enters the class and makes his way through to an empty chair in the last row,3 places to my right.Mandi was looking at him all the while but he seems to be in a forgiving mood or perhaps maybe he was also dreaming of ‘the girl next door’.

(off the track: I hope that CAT aspirants would agree with me that the use of ‘he’ is not confusing enough here.watch out for confusing cases.)

He(the lead actor) takes out his tablet PC and mutes the sound in order to not draw further attention.He tries to concentrate on what Mandi was teaching.After a while,he gives up and finds that he isn’t so intellectual that he can get stimulated so easily.He looks around to see what others are doing around him.He notices a guy with tablet PC in the first row taking down the lecture notes.He seems to be thinking that “thank god,at least someone is using tablet PC for educational purposes.No need to worry about notes.Let me utilize this time for some other purpose.”
He gets busy with some work.I notice that the expressions on his face has changed now.He appears serious now.The class is about to get over.Mandi starts his attendance roll call.He calls out a few names before calling his(the lead actor) name.there is no response from him.Mandi calls his name again but no response agin.I see that he is staring deeply into his tablet PC and appears to be oblivious of his surroundings.Mandi knew where he was sitting.He starts walking towards him.A eerie silence was ensued in the classroom.I ,being his nearest neighbour,try to alert him..By the time he knew that he was the center of attention,Mandi has almost reached him.
He frantically tries to lock his tablet PC screen but unfortunately disables the mute option and a scream “Oh! yeahhh…. baby” cuts through the eerie silence.

(Can i still extend this story?give suggestions for writing a sequel)

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  1. @NKG
    i guess if i start the search spy on dc++ now,the no. of hits that search for Tera Patrick would equal the no. of visitors to this blog who have read your comment.

    +1 to the count from my side.

  2. Ok…this may sound a bit lame, but since you asked for it, here's how it could continue..Continue from the scene where the lead character is awarded an 'F' grade in Mandi's subject. And then, the protagonist now plans a revenge by humiliating Mandi(the details, of course, are left to you). And finally, since Mandi is after all, the DOAA almighty, how the plan backfires on the protagonist(However though I would like it to end the other way – the details,again are for you to fill)..just a suggestion, do not take it if it sounds stupid to you..but I believe there'd be a great scope for humor..
    Now, the more important part…a few characters, clearly inspired. Who, then, is this 'guy next door' aka the protagonist? Who can dare to watch 'you know what' all that seriously in Mandi's class?
    P.S.-> I do not know who Tera Patrick is, so I'd just go with what Nilesh says, and increment the count to 2.
    P.P.S-> I just searched for Tera Patrick, and well, I'd say I, certainly won't be the protagonist, if he's watching Tera Patrick. Heck, I can never be the protagonist, anyway, though..I can't do that in a lecture!
    P.P.P.S.-> As a CAT aspirant, I'd agree to the 'off the track' note. However, the usage of 'perhaps' and 'maybe' consecutively, in this context atleast, is incorrect

  3. @PVRKS
    thanks for the suggestion for extending his lazy morning.Let me see if i can build up on your idea.

    about the characters:yes,the characters are inspired from real world but the protagonist is a mix of imagination and reality.It’s up-to the reader to see if he can correlate with him.

    PS:thanks for pointing out the ‘perhaps’ and ‘maybe’.It’s definitely a mistake.

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