A lazy morning-part 0

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(Note:I am still not sure how to extend the lazy morning in +time axis.But i think i can extend the lazy morning in the opposite direction.)

He was waiting outside the teacher’s staffroom for his father.His father was a teacher of Maths.His school was a well-reputed school in the small town.It had around 100 members in the teaching staff.He was waiting for his father to come out of the staff room so that they can go home.After waiting for a while,he gets impatient and enters the staffroom.He finds that his father was not at his desk.He was about to turn and go outside and wait but out of blue,he sees an angel.He can’t believe that she was real.He kept glancing at her from the side of his eyes for a while.She notices him.He feels embarrassed starts his walk to the outside of the staff room.
He feels as if someone is trying to address him.He turns back and finds her right in front of him.She asks him “Are you Mr.X?”.He wonders how did she knew his name.Has she been spying on his back.He can feel that today is his lucky day.A wide grin flashes across his face.She gets a bit irritated after not getting a response for a while and seeing the appearance of a mysterious smile on his face.She says in a dismissive tone “you dropped your ID there”.He falls from the cloud nine to the earth.He feels disappointed and gathers his thoughts and says”Thank you very much,Miss …?”.She obliges to his query and replies back “Neha.By the way what were you doing in the staff room.Don’t you know that students are not allowed in here?”.He responds feebly that he was looking for his father.She chuckles and says”Oh!I have come across another guy who looks for his father in me”.He feels embarrassed but he can’t escape a smile seeing her’s beautiful smile.He thanks God in his mind “Oh God!this is my lucky day definitely”.
He takes a look at her and is convinced that she is too young to be a teacher. He testifies his earlier statement by stating that Mr.XX is his father and he was waiting for him.She knew XX as he was his maths teacher.She now becomes a bit friendly in her tone and asks him in which class did he study.Unexpectedly,he instead of answering her query,he asks her “Are you trying to flirt with me?”.She is taken aback and there is an expression of disgust written all over her face.She could only say “What???”.He realizes how big a fool he is and tries to control the situation by saying “Oh! I am sorry.I thought that this would be a great pick-up line on girls to pick them up for a cup of coffee” .She smiles back at him.He takes a deep breath of relief.He sees the opportunity and asks her if she would like to accompany her to the coffee shop.
She smiles at his audacity and agrees.He is elated and has reached cloud nine again.They leave for the coffee shop.
At the coffee shop,he looks for someone to order two cups of coffee.He orders two cups of cappuccino and goes back to her.He still couldn’t believe that she was sitting in-front of her.After a while,a short person walks towards his table carrying two cups of coffee.He glances at him and is shocked.The short person is Mr. Mandi !!! He throws the hot cup of coffee on his face.
His dream is interrupted.He wakes up and sees that the boy next door is shouting “Mandi” in his face.

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