‘A’ hate holidays

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A: Today’s a holiday and also labeled as Holi-day by many in their status messages(today is Holi).I hate holidays.
B: Why the hell,do you hate holidays?
A: I always run out of ideas and when i finally settle down on one,it’s gone.Normally,on a working day,i don’t have to think so much on how to utilize my time optimally.
B: I don’t know what you are talking about.I catch up on a lot of work on these holidays.The only point on which i agree with you is that when i am done,it’s gone.
A: You rock dude.That’s why your hairline is receding fast.
B: No personal comments.Don’t you know that i have started going to gym regularly and now my weight has increased from 50 to 55.
A: Really!I was wondering what was the reason that now-a-days i was afraid commenting about you.Now,i have got one.
B: Don’t mess with me.I will screw you hard.
A: Please do so.I am all nuts.
B: Don’t deviate from the topic.Tell me why do you hate holidays.
A: I would have told you if i had time.But ironically,this holiday has also ended before i am done.Perhaps,you can hope that i may tell you the reasons before the next holiday ends.
B: Ok,i am letting you off this time.bye-bye.good night.
A: bye-bye.good night.

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5 Replies to “‘A’ hate holidays”

  1. Aww excellent!

    haven’t laughed this hard before on any Holi-day 😀

    Really cool!

    I love the hairline part…and the nuts part and weight-increasing part :_)

    All solid gold..and best of all the jokes hit you when you least expect it. Nice!

    Which one is you, by the way?

  2. @la….
    thanks.your comments have exceeded my expectations.i feel so good after reading them.
    All the characters in my posts possess a piece of me.I can identify myself equally with A as well as B when i was writing this.

    thanks.btw,do we know each other?

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