Easier said than done

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It’s an old adage that it is easy to preach than to follow. But I have felt that it’s the other way around for me.For me it’s difficult to preach others but easier to follow others. But there are times, when I have to unwillingly try my hands at this skill. I really pity those souls, who have been at the other end. I hope for their good that they would have taken my words lightly.

Now coming to the point, there’s no point in pointing out that there’s no point in the points i speak. The points are dimensionless quantities and they make sense only when you can connect them and then they take up a visible shape. You got it right,i was just reviewing my co-ordinate geometry basic definitions but it did sound philosophical, didn’t it? This is a stark reality but it’s true that someone’s co-ordinate geometry is someone’s philosophy of life,someone’s pain is someone’s happiness… The list goes on and on.

Now leaving behind the complexities for the imaginative reader, let me get down to the real points. I was talking about giving advice to someone else. The amount of pressures increases when you are preaching a younger person who is looking up to you to deliver some life-changing words. I try hard not to disappoint them. But before, I recount my effort, I would like to tell you one of my previous experiences with advising someone. For a while, I was the cricket match outcome advisor for Thawood. I was correctly advising him as such to on which matches and which players he should bet his money on. The things were rolling on quite well until i told Thawood to bet on Sachin getting an ODI 100 in that match. Thawood betted a whole lot of the money on it. The stakes were getting raised as he was approaching his century. But unfortunately, due to an Afro-American’s finger, little master got out on 99. This dismissal turned Thawood mad. He fired me not only from the job but symbolically as well. He called his guards to fire those titanium bullets upon me. I was saved by the grace of ENERGIC-31 capsules.(Eat it and know the difference.)

Now leaving behind my past experiences with advising others, let me try once again to get to details of my discourse to a younger generation. It goes something like this.”Each individual has to lead his life independently of others. If you are waiting for someone else to lead you,then you have reduced yourself to the level of sheep which needs guidance to find its way to home. You can’t wait for things to happen. There are two ways of living life. jindagi jeena hai ya jindagi katna hai, it depends on you. On one path you are living the life and creating events and on the other path you are waiting on life and waiting for events to take place and in fact even waiting for the grand event called Death. It’s your call. Which way you would like to follow?”. The listener asks me again to give some more tips.

Realizing the amount of confusion I have created in his mind, I then simply pour out some advice mechanically to them “Look,you need to enjoy your studies as you enjoy playing games.You need to make a time-table and find time for all the important subjects.Be regular in class.Stay in touch with your teachers.Find time to relax your brain,sleep properly.Hard-work is the key to success.Once again,enjoy what you are doing”. The listener seems content now and I am left to ponder about my philosophy of life. Which way have I taken?

(This special ending is especially for those readers who might be thinking that there weren’t enough punches in this post.)

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  1. I know I keep saying this, but you are REALLY good. I can’t explain to you how great you are. You know your second paragraph in this post? I’ve been trying really hard for months to write a post in that way – to blend reality and philosophy and not make it boring…but I just couldn’t. It always kept going in a different direction.

    I swear I don’t say this stuff without meaning it, I’m not saying it just for the heck of it. You have to keep it up. The thoughts behind your posts are far more spontaneous and fresh and creative and at the same time, more well-thought out than anyone I have read in a long loo..ong time.

  2. @la…
    thank you very much.I will keep posting as long as i keep dreaming.

    As the philosophy in second para says it all,what you see greatness in my writing is crapness in some other’s view.I don’t mind them though.

    Thawood isn’t a real person.It sounds very similar to a famous person living in Dubai,isn’t it?

  3. Left me POINTLESS :p
    this was a perfect mixture of pure philosophy and grounded reality and you blend it really well. I had subscribed to ur posts but i dnt receive them. Pls tweet ur link everytime u blog. I wud definitely read!This was a killer! Loved it.

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