Coming of age

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23 May,2009: This day was special for me as i turned 21 on this day.I was a bit disappointed by the (lack of) response of this disgraceful world.You,Ungrateful souls at least you could have remembered the treat that i gave to you last year.I kept cursing the disgraceful world for more than a few moments.Then,i reflected back on this situation philosophically and this current situation started amusing me.I arrived at the conclusion that i am expecting too much from such souls that they shall wish me and they are expecting too much from me to treat them again.

After receiving,a few phone calls from my relatives,i lightened up and i was able to get out of the philosophical mode.Then,i went with Sandip to view lake Geneva flowing at Ouchy.It was an effortless bike(bicycle) ride to Ouchy down the slopes of road.There,we were joined by Manish and then we roamed around at the carnival at Ouchy.We kept looking at the prices of food items and consenting that this is bakwas and it is too expensive.We moved along to the ride section where several wonderful expensive rides were observed by us.I kept clicking using my Canon-A480 powershot with 3.3x optical zoom and 10.1 megapixels(I am not showing off.Am I? :D).So,i kept clicking pics of all the rides which i found interesting.This activity went on for some quite time until i decided that i desperately need to spend some money on the “Around the world” ride.The ride cost was 6 CHF.My friends were not willing enough to accompany me in this ride.So,i had to take this ride without them. This ride took me 110m above the ground and from there i observed the Lausanne city.(As a matter of fact,the next day i went to a place which was 3000m above the sea-level.So,perhaps i wasted 6 CHF here).

It is not easy to enjoy the carnival without spending money there.We tried hard for an hour or so.Then we decided to have a closer look of the Lake Geneva instead.It was a beautiful sight to see the vast stretch of waters and beyond that the mighty mountains.It was hard to resist from wading into the cool,calm water bare-foot.So,we gave in quickly and allowed the refreshing water to gently rise and fall beneath our feet.After some time,we came out from the waters and moved along the lakeside for quite some time.As it was getting dark,we headed back to our residences.Hence,a peaceful day ended and what followed was a memorable night.

(PS:Ungrateful souls,don’t wish me in the comments section now.If you do so,you will be added to my ungrateful list.)

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  1. u forgot me …..I actually accompanied u to the ride and u were ungrateful enough not to give us a tr8 despite us wishing u.

  2. i think you forgot the fondue treat yesterday i gave to you all.

    i delibaretely manipulated towards the end because i was feeling sleepy and bored.

  3. hey i didnt know that it was ur b’day… so a belated happy birthday from my side. Hope u have a great year ahead 🙂

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