Pre-Independence night

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XYZ Insitute, 14 August 2009.

Welcome to our daily show “Raat ki baat”. Let us have a look at the news today.

* A guy goes down with flu and fears that it might be Swine flu which has been causing hysteria all over the nation. He goes to the hospital and finds others like him waiting in the queue at the hospital. So, far all the suspected cases have been negative.

* In another bike accident in the campus, two guys escape with minor injuries and minor damage to the precious stuff they were carrying. The incident occurred at the junction near the main gate of the institute. The driver sustained a minor wound in his elbow while his friend suffered injuries to his knee and hand. The injured are now recovering slowly.

* There were several complaint cases of indecent behavior registered at the institutes’s website by the people who were playing Counter-Strike against the people who were shouting “We want our Saturdays back ! No-more assignments ! No-more Mandi rules. Strike! Hunger-Strike”.

* An event on the humorous side. A guy reveals his true-side after a few rounds of the magical soup. He strips down and dances around a poll revealing his skeltonesque body to those present in the room. Reportedly, he went to give lap dances to everyone else present in the room. Looks as if section 377 has encouraged the people to express their sexuality.

* In another magical-soup related event, another guy licks the chocolate off another guy’s finger. It is unclear if this act was done in a state of unconsciousness or consciousness.

That’s all we had today in store for you at “Raat ki baat”.

It’s your host and dost Weirdo signing off.
Good night!

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