Are you gay now?

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DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to offend anyone’s feeling.

(curtains open)
A: You are gay.
B: You called me gay?
A: so what?
B: How can you call me gay?
A: Like G..A..Y gay
B: I still can’t believe it that you called me gay.
A: If I call you the president, will you become the president?
B: No. so what?
A: Nothing. You are so gay.
B: I can’t believe it that you called me gay again.
A: I mean ‘gay’ as in ‘happy and gay’.
B: Oh!
A: Are you all ‘gay’ now?
B: Oh! yeah.
(A, thou sarcastic bastard, grins and the curtains close.)

(PS: To save the trouble for some of you, ‘gay’ count here = 11)

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