A stranger calls – part 2

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(Continuing from at the crossroads: A stranger calls – part 1 )

As I became less interested in the activities going inside the bus, my eyes wandered off to have a look at what was going outside my frame of reference. Outside my world, i could see the road cluttered with vehicles of different types, different color and different engine makes. Yet, all these differences really didn’t make a difference as all of them were crawling forward at snail’s pace. From time to time, a few crawlers tried to act out of their character and run past other crawlers and in the process, more often than not ended up adding to the chaos already present in their environment.

(Source: http://www.transporteconomics.net/)

All this had become a common sight for me now and i had become habituated to watching it without feeling the need to curse the traffic and think how much the metropolitan life sucked. For a moment, i thought about how we humans get habituated to things as Time passes. I started thinking of such instances like  how i have become habituated to liking someone every 3rd minute and forgetting them every 6th minute, how i have become habituated to smile back when someone smiles at me, how i have become habituated to act politely to elders … The list would have been endless but it was not to be. I had also become  habituated to skip my thought process.

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