Don’t blame the Flirt

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 A guy A is proposing to a girl X:

Guy: I love you and I would like to marry you.
Girl: Why do you love me?

(Guy had prepared for these type of questions by reading the books ‘How to answer difficult love questions’ , ‘How to tell a great lie to your love’, etc. He had especially prepared for this question as this question is as basic as the question ‘Tell me about yourself’ in a job interview. Although, both of the questions need to be answered properly to get into a company, there is a slight difference. In one case, you are getting paid to stay in the company, whereas in the other case, you are paying to stay in the company.)

Guy: ( takes a while to recollect the answer, pauses and then begins) I love you because you are the most gorgeous girl i have ever met. You won’t believe me but your face always looked familiar to me even before we met because I think I used to see you in my dreams.

Girl: I don’t believe you. All men are alike. You like me because i am the most gorgeous girl you have met. What if you meet, someone more gorgeous than me? I am sure you will run after her then.
Guy: No, that’s not true. You are the one and i will really miss you in my life.
Girl: Don’t worry. You will not miss me more than a second and will be in search of someone else. BBye.

(The guy realized later that the girl was smart and had already read books like ‘All men are alike’ and ‘How to catch a flirt’.)
A few days later

Girl X sees a facebook update that Guy A is in a relationship with Girl Y.
She sends him a message and says “See, i told you na, that it won’t be long before you would start searching someone else 😡“.
The guy replies back to her “What can i say dear other than that I loved you so much that I didn’t want your last words to me to turn out as untrue 😛

PS : Don’t blame The Flirt.

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