Sticky Note

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Nov 29, 2010:

Almost five months have gone by since I was stuck up at one of his cubicle walls of his work-desk. A life span crossing almost five months is a rare feat in my species. Our natural life span is generally two to three days, sometimes it may extend to a week , and in a few rare cases, it may extend up to a month. But my case was the rarest of rare ones.

I still remember the day when I was mercilessly isolated from my siblings and stuck on this wall and sentenced a life of solitude. I was separated from my siblings when he decided to scribble something down on my yellowish skin and then pulled me apart from my siblings who tried their best to stick on to me. But despite their best efforts, his hand proved too powerful for them and I became the first member of my clan that was stuck to this wall.

I felt really lonely for a few days. As time passed by, I got used to this feeling of isolation and started observing his activities and him. He used to spend his time mostly, staring at either of the two screens present at his work desk. Sometimes, when his eyes appeared a bit tired and sleepy, he used to go away for some time. I don’t know where he went, but whenever he used to come back, he looked more awake and then he used to resume his usual activity of staring at screens. But before resuming his usual activity, he always looked at his cubicle walls, where I was placed and looked straight into my eyes and always gave a mysterious, shy smile. His smile was mysterious for me because I never knew what he saw in my eyes that always amused him. Was he amused at the despair he saw in my eyes? I always wondered.

( to be contd…)

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