Sticky Note: part 3 (concluding part)

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(Contd. from Sticky Note: part 2 )

December 12, 2010:

Last night, after realizing that I can read, I was thrilled with the chance of finally knowing the reason behind my prolonged existence. Since, the environment was very silent and based on my observations over the past few weeks, I expected that it would remain the same way for quite a long period of time. I tried to get his attention by shouting at the top of my voice.

“Hey! Hey!”

He was perhaps surprised to hear something suddenly amid the silence. He looked around to locate the source of that noise. I shouted once again.

“Hey, look at your adjacent wall … yes, look straight at me, your reflection with the same origin, with the same yellowish skin … yes, I can talk and so can you. We are of the same family.”

“Oh.. yes, I can see you. How are you doing brother? I have seen you stuck on this wall for what seems like an eternity.  We always talked about you in our family and we always wondered how is it that you have survived so far and endured such a lonely life.”

“I, too, have wondered over the same question. I wish I knew the answer. Maybe you can help me in finding the answer. Do you know that you can read as well?”

“Oh! is it? I didn’t know that.”

“Yes, I can and hence, so can you. I can read that ‘r-e-v-i-e-w  s-y-e-d’  is written on your skin. Can you help me by reading what’s written on my skin? I suspect that may answer why or how I have survived destruction so far.”

“Sure! I can read that ‘c-h-a-n-g-e  y-o-u-r  s-t-a-t-u-s’   is written over your body. Not sure, what it means.”

“Thanks. I am also not sure what it means.”

And so ended my attempt to resolve the mystery behind my existence. I am still not sure if what was written over me had something to do with it. I am still not sure if those letters had something to do with his mysterious, shy smile whenever he looked at me.

I have now resigned myself to my fate and I await my destruction by his hands whenever he decides to take me off this wall, scrap me and toss me into a dark container where I have seen others of my clan go and disappear.

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