Pre-New Year Resolution

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2011 is just  a fortnight away and we all are getting ready to welcome the new year. We are hoping that we shall do things differently in 2011 which would help us lead our lives in a better manner. This is also the time of year, when we start thinking about new year resolutions. The addition of ‘new year’ as adjective before resolutions redefines the way resolutions are perceived and also sets up high standards for resolutions in general. I mean ‘new year resolutions’ which we take are generally long-term, ambitious and overzealous and hence they are short-lived as well.

I, too, think the same way about new year resolutions. Whenever, I think about them, I tell to myself ‘Think big, look at the bigger picture’. I thought, why not take a Pre-New Year Resolution (PNYR) , which is something as difficult for me to commit to as to the new year resolution I may think of. As you may have guessed it, PNYR refers to the resolution taken just before start of another year. I think there can’t be a better time than now to take a PNYR. Successfully completing my PNYR shall give me the belief to carry off my NYR.

If there is something that I feel that I have got addicted to over the past year, it is this addiction to provide updates about my life via social networks. Yes, I can sense the irony in announcing about it through another social medium. I irritated people with my PJs as status updates, confused people with blog posts which appeared pointless and quite a few articles, videos and photos shared on social networking sites. So, I feel like I deserve a break now from it. So, my PNYR is that I shall disappear from social networks and people’s online lives for a  few days. I shall not log into Facebook or onto Gmail Chat for the next 15 days i.e. until 2011 arrives. Though, if necessary, people can contact me via email or phone.

Best of wishes to everyone and hope you have a great year in 2011 ! See you, next year.

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