The Indibus trip

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9 Jan, 2011

It would have been just another lazy weekend for him had he not decided to spend this day in the company of a group of strangers. He along with this group of strangers was headed towards a conference where they would find more strangers. All these strangers had one thing in common – that they were all bloggers, the kind of people who voice their opinions, share their ideas and amuse others with their writings. All of them were gathering to support a noble cause – Akshaypatra Foundation’s mission to feed the school going children from weaker sections of the society.

Although the cause was noble, it was not the only reason that motivated him to take this trip. He was going there because he was curious to know how do the other bloggers look like in real life – Are they also weird like him who write more than they talk? Are they really as interesting as their blog projects them? Though, he couldn’t have really compared their real personality to their online personality. The reason being, that he had hardly followed a stranger’s blog in his life and secondly, judging someone’s real personality on basis of a single encounter and first impression was not fair to that person. He was wise enough to understand this but not prepared enough to neglect his heart.

I belonged to this group of strangers and was travelling along with him in this Indibus, which was taking all of us towards a conference hall at ISKCON temple, situated at Subramanyapura, Bengaluru. I am not sure if he was really thinking the way that I was imagining he was thinking. Nevertheless, he was just one of those strangers who were travelling in that bus, whom I was observing to while away the time in an almost 2 hours journey.

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