Fear of Failure

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An idea can make you, an idea can fail you. An idea can give you a totally different perspective about an idea. The idea of the fear of failure is an idea that never fails to elude us when we are thinking about an idea that we think could change our world, an idea that could make us famous, an idea that could make us rich, an idea that could make us own everything you wanted to own, an idea that could make you lose everything you owned, an idea that could make you poor, an idea that could make a mockery out of you, an idea that could change your world.

It’s no wonder that idea of fear of failure is perhaps the greatest idea that the greater number of people on this planet think of in their lifetime, and the exception to this are the people whom the others refer to as ‘great’ – the ones whose greatest idea was different from greater number of people of this planet, the ones whose ideas were about the greater good of the greater number of people.

I am not trying to give you an idea that the idea of fear of failure stands between you and greatness. I had a simple idea before writing this post. The idea was that failing to back/implement your idea because of the idea of fear of failure is a failure in itself. So, if you are going to be a failure even on not trying out your idea due to your fear of failure, isn’t it better to be a failure after having tried out your idea and who knows, maybe you would not end up as a failure.

It’s fine to fail in the eyes of others, but you shouldn’t fail in your own eyes. Because if you do so, you may end up writing some shitty, philosophical, motivational stuff on your personal blog. I just realized something – ‘Why the hell am I writing this post?’. I think I seriously need to get high. In the meanwhile, you can watch the video below.

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