Just another restless night

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I remember someone asked me what do you blog about. I gave a typical blogger’s response that I blog about random thoughts about random topics that came into my mind. That person smiled at the response I gave and said that yeah, that’s so true. It’s no wonder that you shall find most of the blog titles named as “Random Thoughts of [some adjective like restless, confused, demented etc.] mind“. It didn’t take me long to concede to his well-observed remark (as my first blog title when I started blogging was also on similar lines). I grinned and made note of his opinion at that moment.

Well, this incident had taken place around three months back, but somehow the memories of this incident were recalled into my mind today on a restless night at around 4 am when I was planning to write something about why this night is restless, how I miss her and typical mushy, romantic stuff. Now in hindsight, I reflect and grin on what crappy, stupid, romantic thoughts I was nursing in my demented mind. Perhaps, this is what is known as randomness of thoughts.

As far as I can figure it out, all you need is a chain of random (maybe rational) thoughts to overshadow the previous chain of random (maybe irrational) thoughts. And yeah, no wonder why most of the blog titles are related to random thoughts.

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