A visit to Puducherry-1

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I recently went to visit Puducherry on a vacation trip along with Verma and Bhengra making use of our Easter holidays. We had been planning to make this trip since a month. The plan was to take a break from time, grab a beer and catchup with college friends  on the beach(who were supposed to come from Delhi and Chennai) while feeling the cool breeze on our face and the cool waves touch our feet. As the days came closer, we started discussing about how to reach there and return back. We reserved AC sleeper bus tickets as the non-AC sleeper tickets were already booked. Then, we started making the list of things-to-bring and the list of places-to-visit.

Finally, the day arrived when we had to board our bus from Bengaluru to reach our vacation spot. It was raining heavily that night, so there was more than usual traffic delay. I had a few anxious moments wondering if I would make it to the boarding point in time. I just made it in time to reach the boarding point at the expected reporting time, only to find out that the bus departure had been delayed by an hour due to rains. Verma and Bhengra had already reached the boarding point an hour before. So, I joined them and together we tried to kill away time talking, glancing around at foreigners standing nearby, cursing the rains, pulling each other’s leg, making self-deprecating jokes etc. that is to say, pretty much everything we used to do in college. It felt good to talk something nonsensical and still smile at it.

At last, our wait got over when the bus finally arrived. We had booked 3 seats in which 2 were together side-by-side and 3rd one was a window seat behind those seats. Verma and Bhengra chose the two seats in front, so I went to the 3rd seat. I was just hoping that my co-passenger whoever that be didn’t snore while sleeping. Well, I was in better luck that night as not only did the co-passenger wasn’t a snorer, she was one of the foreigners we have been glancing at while waiting for the bus to arrive. She was travelling along with her 2 other  friends. So, we were three and they were three. One would say,the equation was perfect but in reality, such equations don’t hold much value as it is not a scene of movie and even if it were a scene of movie, none of us were good enough actors to pull off something realistic of this ‘perfect equation’.

What followed was a few moments of they trying to encourage me to make use of this ‘golden opportunity’ and for a few moments,  I contemplated on how to strike a conversation with my co-passenger and then gave up after realizing the futility of the effort and abandoned the chance of bolstering false hopes. As it was already late in night, everyone in bus was in sleeping mode and soon everyone except me fell asleep despite the uncomfortable seats which were not really sleeper seats. I admired her golden locks for a while and then her beautiful face. I wondered whether it was my fascination for exotic beauties or was it she herself that made her appear more beautiful. As I wondered long and hard about it, I wandered off to the dreamland.

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