Adios Yahoo!

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My days in Yahoo! are numbered now. I can count them now on the fingertips of my hand. I have been counting down the 30 days of my notice period since I mailed the resignation letter to my manager. Initially, I was counting down these days with a feeling of excitement of starting over all again, excitement of moving on to another work environment and thinking of things to take care of while moving into a new place to stay. Now when the countdown has approached its final lap and the D-day i.e. Friday the 13th is arriving soon, the excitement is getting eclipsed by a sadness and heaviness in heart. Sadness of leaving a friendly and fun-working environment, sadness of leaving the company of friendly, helpful and cool persons to hang out with, reluctance of moving on to make new acquaintances, reluctance of changing my lifestyle –  all these feelings have made me feel why moving on can sometimes be a big deal.

Fortunately or unfortunately, all of us experience such situations a few times in our lifetime.  One may think that with increasing age and having experience of similar encounters before, it should become easier for one to get used to them to say adios and move on. Unfortunately, human emotions are complex and do not always follow the line of logical reasoning.

So, I guess it’s time to say my parting words to my colleagues and friends now. Thanks for providing me with memories of some great times. I shall especially miss the Friday cricket evenings. I wish all of you best of luck for your career ahead.

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