The Ice Cream

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After dinner, I decided to go for a walk to get something for breakfast next day. Since I was new to this locality, I only knew about one such shop where I could get something for breakfast. I walked towards it to find out that it was closed. I checked the time and realized that it was already past 10’o clock.

There was just an ice-cream tuck shop open near that location. I went there and had a look at the choices available. The highest price on the shopkeeper’s menu was Rs 25, I decided to go for a chocolate flavored one which was priced at Rs 15. I took a bite and felt it was decent enough for the price.

I was about to return back to my residence when I noticed a father along with two sons, one holding his hands with his small fingers and the other sitting cozily on his father’s shoulders,  were moving towards this shop. The father bought two small, long, the most inexpensive one, ice cream candies for each of them. He handed over them to his sons and they gleefully put it in their tiny mouths. They didn’t complain of the quality or inexpensiveness of the ice-cream. They were just happy to have something in their mouth which felt so cool and refreshing. The father paid the shopkeeper 4 rupees and went back the way he had arrived.

However, I stood there wondering if I had really missed being childish in my childhood. Was I too mature in my childhood to differentiate between wants and needs. And am I covering up for the missed childishness by treating myself with what I wanted then. I realized that I was thinking too much about all these questions when I realized that the ice cream in my hands has melted away.

I realized that the ice-cream in my hands has melted away and I am left alone with an ice-cold heart. Something which has frosted over years won’t melt away with sparks of feelings. I moved on my way back to the apartment.

(Note: Fictional incident. ‘I’ doesn’t refer to author here.)

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