Bat Humor

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“How does the cold steel feel against your neck?”, asked Joker.

“It is definitely not colder than your blood”, replied Batman in his usual husky voice.

“Aah! I have always liked your wit. I shall testify at your funeral that you were a man of good humor till the last breath”, said Joker with a wicked smile.

Then, he dug the knife a bit deeper into his neck. With a childlike fascination, he watched the warm blood gush out of the cut he inflicted on his neck.

“Aah! It hurts. You definitely know how to touch a nerve literally”, groaned Batman in an uncharacteristic tone.

“Yeah, I definitely do. The first cut has served the purpose of removing that smug huskiness from your voice”, said Joker smugly.

“And what would be the purpose of the second cut?”, asked Batman with an anxious look over his face.

“To know that, you will have to wait for the second part of this post”, interrupted the author with a smug look over his face.

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