Credit Card Calls

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In college days, someone having a credit card(of his dad most probably) was always one of the popular guys in the hostel as some websites allowed payments only via credit card. The possession of a credit card appeared as cool. So, I always wanted a credit card since college days (to be cool and popular). But little did I know then, that when you are really eligible to get a credit card, then opting to not get a credit card would be like next to teaching acting to Arjun Rampaul.

When I started my career a year ago, as soon as my mobile connection got active, I started getting calls from a few banks like HDFC and Citibank. Since they wanted a month’s payslip, I had to wait for a month before I apply for a credit card. Even though, I couldn’t tell the benefits of one credit card from another credit card, the callers always claimed that their credit card was a better option. Anyways, I happily applied for a credit card at HDFC and got it with a decent credit limit without hassles.

However, the calls to give away credit cards didn’t stop. Now, I started getting calls from Standard Chartered, SBI and several others whose name I haven’t heard about. Initially as I had nothing useful to do in the office, I used to appreciate the efforts taken by the callers who were without exception females with names like Tina or Aliya. I used to ask them the details of the card they are offering. They used to explain me the benefits of the card offered with excruciating details. Meanwhile, I used to check my Facebook news feed. After they were done, I used to ask them a few more questions like how old they were or whether they were free in the evening that day. The co-workers around me used to give me a disgusting look and perhaps thought that this fucking desperate software engineer is trying to set up a date with an online hooker. I used to wink back at my co-worker and hence, confirming his suspicion of me being a desperate sucker who gives you dirty winks. As expected, the connections were cut abruptly from the other side after my innocent questions.

With the passage of time, the work at office kept me busy and also the call frequency of such offer calls reduced. Now when they used to come, as I had less time to amuse myself, I was more formal replying them offering my apologies for not being interested in the exciting benefits that came with the credit card they offered. But still at times, when I am in a playful mood, I try to find ways which shall drive away the caller from calling me back again. Currently, the kind of conversation that typically goes between us is on following lines:

Tina: Hello Sir! I am Tina, calling from XYZ Bank and we would like to offer you credit card of our bank.

me: Thank you for calling. I am really in desperate need of a credit card.

Tina(confused): Ohhk sir! As per as our information, you work in ABC company, right?

me: I am currently jobless. I used to work in that ABC company. But I have been fired recently on grounds of showing inappropriate sexual advances towards co-workers. that’s why I need credit badly.

Tina: Hmm…

me: Tina, please help me out. I need your bank’s credit card badly.

(Connection cut)

(PS: In case you haven’t figured it out already, the incidents described are fictional. By the way, what is your strategy to avoid such callers from calling back again?)

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