Reasoning out Needs and Wants

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Once, a professor told us that whenever you do something, try to think about it whether do you want to do it or you have to do it. The thought seems quite obvious but we try to stay away from giving a thought to classifying our actions/thoughts.  Need could be defined as something you must have whereas Want could be something you would like to have.

Let me try reasoning out why I think I need/want something.

  1. Need/Want: I need an e-reader.
    Reason: I already spend a lot on buying books and e-books are cheaper than books and also environment friendly. The e-reader experience is as good as reading a book and it would also be easier to carry around.
    Valid: Yes
  2. Need/Want: I need to do an MBA.
    Reason: I am confused as to whether I want to do it but since, most of my contemporaries are running to do it, I think I too I need to do an MBA.
    Valid: No
  3. Need/Want: I need to update my blog regularly.
    Reason: I need to update my blog regularly because I want to have more number of page hits and that makes me feel like I am loved/admired and I really need that love/admiration.
    Valid : No
  4. Need/Want: I want an ipad2.
    Reason: Seems like a cool device to play around and show off to others.
    Valid: Yes
  5. Need/Want: I need to justify on what basis I am validating reasons.
    Reason: I need to justify how I am validating reasons to let others know what reasoning is going through to give the validation of need/want as yes or no.
    Valid: Yes

Have you tried reasoning out why do you need/want something or why do you want/need to do something? If we try doing so, we sometimes ourselves realize that our justification of it as a want/need is not valid. And in that case, we may choose to look for more valid reasons or we may choose to ignore thinking about it. After all, we don’t need to limit ourselves to what we need as sometimes we need to treat ourselves to what we want.

I feel it’s a basic human need to want something in life to live life and not end up just surviving life.

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    1. Yet again, someone has found it funny, despite my best attempts to keep it a serious article. Anyways, not an issue as unintentional humor is turning out to be my forte 🙂

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