Waking up to a dream

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What a pleasant recurring dream it has been over the years!
Although, this dream in the end brings out those hidden tears,
It makes me realize that those feelings are still pristine and clear.
Although, we have been never been near,
It makes me feel that you have always been here.

What a pleasant sight it has been over the years!
The breeze strokes your flowing hair,
The fragrance flows and fills up romance in the air,
The gentle rays conspires to glow up your smiling face,
In such a way that it makes my heart skips a beat.

What a pleasant surprise this morning has been!
Still dreaming the same pleasant recurring dream,
An effortless smile spreads over my face.
But today the dream felt different, it felt so real.
It felt that if I would open my eyes, my dream shall not shatter,
And leave behind once again, those hidden tears.
I opened my eyes to find that today it was really something different.
There was someone with an innocent, smiling face playing with my hair,
I wake up to the dream and catch up our naughty, little daughter.
Although she resists, I manage to kiss her on her beautiful forehead.
And I realize that I should wake up from that pleasant dream,
Since someone still depends on me even though you are dead.

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