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You might have heard of “split personality” or “multiple personality disorder” or as called in technical terms “Dissociative identity disorder”. The concept of a person displaying multiple distinct identities appeared intriguing to me when I was introduced to this concept back in 2002 via this Hindi movie Deewangee(Yes, I was brought up watching Bollywood masala flicks in my childhood)  in which Ajay Devgan is shown to suffer from split personality disorder.  However, it turns out later in the movie that he was faking the act of having split personality disorder to avoid getting convicted. It appeared such a cool concept back then that I duly noted down in my journal ‘A Black Killer’s Red Secrets’ that if I someday get caught for a crime, I should fake an act of suffering from multiple personality disorder to avoid serving time in the big house. Now, as I flip through that cool journal, I find another note that I should fake insanity to avoid getting persecuted (Now, don’t judge me. This is what a 13-year kid normally takes away from watching a high dose of Hindi cinema).

Now, when I think about it from an academic point of view, a few questions pop up in my head. Questions like is it possible for an individual to be aware of that he is suffering from a multiple personality disorder. If the individual thinks so, he is probably faking himself by thinking so as it appears similar to the concept of having consciousness of being conscious. You may call that individual hypocrite or may even look at him with contemptuous, cynical, judging eyes.

Now, this leads to another question, isn’t it highly probable that the individual whom you are calling a hypocrite is an embodiment of yourself. Maybe, it isn’t you as you act nonchalantly in the same manner while interacting with other people irrespective of the environment in which you are interacting with them. Maybe, it isn’t you as you would offer alms to a homeless guy if you felt like it, irrespective of whether you were alone or you were along with your friends. Maybe, it isn’t you as you would have taken a dig at your colleague at your company’s organized party if you would have felt like it irrespective of whether that guy was your junior or was your manager. But then maybe, it is you.

I am not going to judge you for not being you. After all, we can’t expect ourselves to act as per our instincts, can we? Because if we do act as per our instincts, how would we able to call ourselves being superior to animals. We are supposed to act in a ‘civilized’ manner by displaying ourselves capable of showing (or actually hiding) emotions which other animals possibly can’t even think of doing for centuries to come.

Another question that pops up

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  1. I remember Deewangee, i watched it very young and it had a lasting impact on me :p What youve written is very true and indeed food for thought.

  2. Yup…It was an awesome movie, the whole concept was damn cool! I really wish I don’t bump into Ajay Devgan’s role in real life….Pretty thrilling 😛 btw, there are couple of good Hollywood movies too like ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Identity’ on split personality…do watch them if you haven’t.

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