Moving beyond the Milestone

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After the celebrations of 100th post, I suddenly felt an unwillingness to move beyond it and continue writing blog posts. Perhaps, the feeble response to my so-much celebrated milestone by the readers gave me a reality check that I should stop expecting to become well-known in the blogosphere. The sustained enthusiasm to blog is falling apart in bits and pieces rapidly. I am just thinking aloud and ranting in this post, so feel free to skip(just in case anyone is reading this post) the content and move on to read other better things.

I haven’t been frequent in blogging mostly because of “the awesomeness filter criteria” I tend to apply on what I am going to write. And that filter criteria approves post based on what the readers would find awesome to read, rather than what I would find awesome to write about. So, the first thing I would like to do is fuck this awesomeness filter criteria.

Secondly, stop trying to publicize the posts. It’s when you publicize the posts, you expect feedback. However, if you won’t publicize the posts, the posts may go unread and the world would not change as you thought it would by virtue of your powerful post. Let the posts stay neglected than you feeling you are getting neglected. In a nutshell, fuck this publicity.

Thirdly, stop trying to organize your thoughts in an ordered fashion. In other words, I should stop making this fucking list of lessons learnt.

(Humor Probably is the reason why this rant came out so late after 100th post)

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