Life and Cynicism

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How often in our life have we pondered upon the question that what is the purpose of our life?  René Descartes had said Cogito ergo sum i.e. “I think, therefore I am”, implying the existence of something because it is capable of thinking. It answers the question regarding if I exist or not. However, it doesn’t answer the question about why do I exist. And that is the fundamental question which we ask ourselves rephrasing it in different words like ‘what is the meaning of life’, ‘what is the purpose of life’, ‘ why am I here’ and so on.

Some have spent their entire lives thinking about it yet finding the answers to be elusive. On the other hand, some have spent their entire lives without even thinking about it even once. I am not trying to undermine the act of finding answers to such questions. However, isn’t it often the case that such questions creep into our “restless” mind while our body is resting in comfort, perhaps leaning against the cushion on the sofa-set, having just consumed the delicious dinner, probably bored of browsing internet or surfing the channels and staring aimlessly at the ceiling. Have we ever searched for these answers when we are hungry? I guess we would rather be searching for food. After all,we should first think about surviving and then later on, we could think about why did we first think about surviving. In simpler words, ‘you can’t think about the purpose of your existence if you don’t exist’.

Have I figured out the purpose of my existence? Perhaps not. Moreover, I am cynical about the idea that the moment I find the purpose of life, it would change the way I would live the moments to come thereafter in my life. Maybe my cynicism would prove to be unwarranted when my “restless” mind would succeed in searching these answers. However, for the moment, my restless stomach wants me to search for food.


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  1. We just had Maslow’s Hierarchy thing in Psychology a few months ago.
    When you’re busy just trying to make ends meet, you’re never going to think about self actualization and all.
    But yeah, sometimes these what the hell am i doing with my life kinda thoughts pop into my head, and I have no answer :/
    Take care you!

  2. Since you’ve mentioned Descartes, for him the goal of life was finding the ultimate truth, or a search for certainty, or simply put, the pursuit of knowledge.

    According to me though, we like to believe there is some ultimate purpose, because in the big picture, our everyday purposes just don’t seem big enough. We live because we were born with all that enables a being to live; an evolutionary instinct makes us want to live (whether we like it or not) and our evolved awareness and the influence of society makes us ponder over all these inconsequential and irrelevant details, most often when we’re supposed to be doing something even more boring; work, college, you name it!

    1. True, as depicted by Maslow’s hierarchy. However, no matter how inconsequential and irrelevant details these are, they are relevant to think about to depict our evolved awareness since stone age.

  3. oh sh**!life is supposed to have a purpose?never anybody tol’ me and i already spent more than half of it! anybody got re-fills?

  4. on more serious terms:
    i think,life is like a form of energy,and energy doesnt have any inherent purpose of its own,its purpose is determined by what use we put it to.(philosophy-wise)

    __btw,the comments are showing wrong times on them.(atleast mine)

    1. yeah, I agree that how we use the energy defines the purpose. But we some times think why should we use that energy.

      (the timings on comments are GMT based, and thanks for visiting the blog :))

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