Dream or Reality

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(Continuing from the last part, Chasing the dream, in his own words)

It was yet another weekend where I was still working, trying to complete my latest assignment – the assignment of coming up with jingles for baby products for e-Baby (It sounds like e-Bay but to my disappointment babies are not auctioned here). The harder I tried to think about jingles for baby products, the more my thoughts drifted towards thinking about the process in which sometimes baby is an end product (Perhaps the last night’s social drinking effect was still hanging around). The only jingle which was incessantly repeating in my head at that time was the jingle that “the baby producer” (the baby-product manager of e-Baby) made about me – ‘the guy who mingles yet stays single is the guy who writes our jingles’. I decided that in order to complete my assignment, I must go and have a cup of coffee to stop my wandering thoughts.

*Tring – Tring*

Hello? Who is it?

Didn’t you save my number when I gave it to you that day?

Oh… Daisy! I must have missed it (and I thought that was a dream!)

(Laughs) O God! And I was waiting for you to call me.

So, what’s up?

Nothing exciting, just looking for a house for rent this weekend. The city seems to have changed so much since I left India.

(Yes and so have I)

Do you need my help in house-hunting? I could come over.

Are you free this weekend?

(Lying) Yes, of course. And it shall give us a chance of catching up once again (and convincing self that it wasn’t a dream).

Okay. Then let’s meet at that theater behind our school in an hour.

Cool. Let’s meet at that theater (where my classmates often sneaked through to watch the morning shows) in an hour.

And that conversation changed my course of thoughts from thinking about the jingles to thoughts about her. I dashed off to our meeting venue as soon as possible. I had reached the venue about 20 minutes before the time she was supposed to arrive. I started taking a look around at this old theater which seemed abandoned now with the advent of so many multiplexes in the city. Surprisingly, there were still a few old posters (of the times of my school days) hanging onto the walls of the courtyard of the theater. And more surprisingly, I found that the ticket counter was open and I walked towards it to find which movie was getting screened at this haunted theater. Not surprisingly, it was one of those morning shows movies. I was admiring the poster of that movie when I was suddenly caught off guard by her.

So, you would like to watch this movie?

I didn’t actually need to turn around to know that it was her but I turned around slowly with the flushed look of a student caught doodling in the class by the teacher. She looked at me for a few moments with those stern eyes of such a teacher before she broke into an infectious smile which comforted me and made me grin sheepishly about that scene. Then, we laughed together about the entire episode.

Those were the cherished moments that are still imprinted in my memory.  

(to be contd…)

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