A stranger calls – part 1

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I was commuting to my office using the public transport system i.e. bus. As usual, i was listening to rock music blasting into my ears from the ipod and staring emotionlessly at the surroundings around me. The eyes were mechanically moving and getting a glimpse of the facial expressions of my fellow commuters in the bus. The mind was registering my inferences about what they were thinking right now, judging their facial expressions and body movements.

A school boy sitting in front of me was giving sideways glance from time to time in the direction of a girl who perhaps studied in the same school as his. Somehow, i felt that this situation was very familiar to me. I started making inferences as to what would happen next in his life. I felt that he looks like a shy kind of person and perhaps will never tell her what he felt. The girl, perhaps noticed his periodic movements and stared at him without any visible change in her facial expression. The boy hadn’t anticipated that he would be caught while making sideways glances. He lowered his eyes and then started looking outside the window. After a moment, he again gave a sideways glance to check if she was still looking in his direction and to his surprise, she was.

I was amused by the activities going on and now I was keeping an eye on the boy and another eye on the girl. I felt like i was a moderator who was keeping a watch on the activities of two kids. I was surprised when I felt a soft romantic song playing in the background which seemed very appropriate for the story that was going on in front of my eyes. If I remember correctly, the song which was playing was “humein tumse pyaar kitna, yeh hum nahi jaante”. It took me a moment before i realized what was the source of this background music — it was my ipod on shuffle play. Apart from the music, my inferences were making this story appear more amusing for me.

The way she looked in his direction, looked at him without any hint of recognition, I inferred that she didn’t knew him. I hypothesized that she was a popular girl in the school and the boy was a secret admirer of hers. It felt like yet another case of an average guy falling for the most popular girl of school. The situation looked way too familiar and now, this sort of story had nothing in it which would amuse me any further.

Thankfully, something more exciting was in store for me in that journey than a simple, boring love story.

Being invisible

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(The narrator is a 62 year old retired scientist.)
(Date: 5 july, 2050 AD)

The concept of invisibility has always fascinated me from childhood, like every normal child. I even spent a few years of my life chasing my childhood fascination, trying to make a magical device which can make things disappear like in the amusing movies I saw in childhood. My research work was concentrated on making a material with same density as air so that it appears invisible. Despite my sincere efforts, I could not succeed in living my childhood dream. At the later end of my research on this project, i felt that i was wasting my time at being invisible when i already had been invisible all these years.

Confused? Let me explain. Invisibility means the power to stay unnoticed in eyes of others, no matter what you do. I think I have ‘seen’ invisible persons in this world in different shapes and different age groups — handicapped persons asking for alms, small kids with almost nothing on their skin knocking on the windows of car, mothers carrying infants and asking for some money or food. All such persons are often invisible to the common man. I guess their invisibility was derived from the common attribute they shared – Poverty.

It’s not that only such people become invisible, sometimes even the common man also becomes invisible. The problems and the miseries of common man are not noticed by the Government until it’s election time. The common man reappears miraculously at the eve of elections and their voices are being heard. We never realize that we have this power of invisibility because we possess this power as a community i.e. we are an invisible community. If we extend the hypothesis that a ghost can see other ghosts to the invisible domain, we can explain why we never realize that we are invisible.

You may put off my views as being cynical but I can’t help it. As each year went by, pessimism kept creeping in, more and more. Yesterday, I found a list I had made 40 years back. This list contained things i shall do when i become invisible. Reading this list now, a smile comes to my face which soon turns into a sadistic grin. However, I have decided to share that list with you as well.

The list of things to do when i become invisible
1. Travel freely to the famous places in the world
2. Earn money by unfair means 😛
3. Propose to my childhood crush (Mr. India style :D)
4. Distribute cash among poor (desi Robin Hood)
5. Expose the politicians of country by stinging them
6. Destroy the nuclear weapons
7. Act in the movie ‘Hollow Man 3’.
8. Learn how to cook from Sanjeeb Kapoor
9. Find where Osama-bin-Laden is hiding and gain some more money (white money this time).
10. Ensure that Indian cricket team wins cricket world cup again.

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