‘A’ hate holidays

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A: Today’s a holiday and also labeled as Holi-day by many in their status messages(today is Holi).I hate holidays.
B: Why the hell,do you hate holidays?
A: I always run out of ideas and when i finally settle down on one,it’s gone.Normally,on a working day,i don’t have to think so much on how to utilize my time optimally.
B: I don’t know what you are talking about.I catch up on a lot of work on these holidays.The only point on which i agree with you is that when i am done,it’s gone.
A: You rock dude.That’s why your hairline is receding fast.
B: No personal comments.Don’t you know that i have started going to gym regularly and now my weight has increased from 50 to 55.
A: Really!I was wondering what was the reason that now-a-days i was afraid commenting about you.Now,i have got one.
B: Don’t mess with me.I will screw you hard.
A: Please do so.I am all nuts.
B: Don’t deviate from the topic.Tell me why do you hate holidays.
A: I would have told you if i had time.But ironically,this holiday has also ended before i am done.Perhaps,you can hope that i may tell you the reasons before the next holiday ends.
B: Ok,i am letting you off this time.bye-bye.good night.
A: bye-bye.good night.

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Why monkey could be our ancestors?

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Well,you might be knowing that according to our evolution theory,monkey are our ancestors.We take this as a fact for granted.But personally,we seldom bother to see our connection with monkeys.Now as the heading of my blog reads “Random Thoughts”,the evidences i give to prove that our ancestors are monkey may appear naive and random for sure.And not cutting the crap down,let me go on to describe 2 scenes from our daily life which all of us would have observed.

Scene 1: I am going back to my hostel.I observe a goat rubbing it’s body against the small wall of the sidewalk.So,it was evident that the goat was helping itself by letting the wall itch her body.(ya,it was a female goat,but i am not a goat-lover).Seeing the poor female goat needing a wall to help herself out,I thanked God for making me armed(literally and symbolically) to itch myself without looking for someone or something.

Scene 2:Well,sorry folks,scene 2 didn’t take place in real.But it took place in my imagination.

Imaginary part of Scene 2:I was thinking that we humans are really lucky to be armed to itch ourselves out.Now,I really feel sorry for armless people,they are reduced to the state of a goat,damn.
But then i realized that there was an animal which could itch himself like us.The animal is monkey.

So,summing up the scene 1 and imaginary scene 2,it is evident that humans as well as monkey are capable of itching themselves.And this may not be a mere coincidence,it points out that monkey could be our ancestors.That’s all i have to say.
(Now,this is what i call scientific reasoning and logic skills at display.I hope you appreciated my scientific temper.)

101 ways to kill your time

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a warm welcome to all the people looking to kill your time away,i promise i won’t let you down.i would like to share my 101 ways of doing time-pass which i have discovered in the last month or so.well,without wasting your time in introduction,i now jump straight into the great 101 ways.[now,isn’t it a contradiction,after all you are going through this post to kill your time 😛 )

1) well,the first way to kill your time is ….,yes you’re really smart,the first way to kill your time is to read my blogs like this one.

2)Get a project from faculty and work upon the project idea with complete dedication,day in and night out.Finally when you are done,repeat the process.(well that’s not my way,it’s our Abhishek Anand’s way)

3)Ask others about the PC games they have played,if you hear of a game not played yet,start playing it and after completing it,give reviews about the games to others.(that’s what i have been doing currently)

4)Install Linux on your PC,then you feel that the Linux is not helping you in killing your time,so you delete the partition of Linux but you notice that now your previous OS(vista) is not working properly, so you install windows XP on the PC but still the vista is not working,so you do a recovery of vista and then you are done,finally.But you notice that after all these activities,your OS has become quicker than you wanted.But as an optimist think of the time you have killed in the process.You can repeat the process if you are my dear friend Bhaskar.

5)Start playing lawn tennis around 2-3 hours on a daily basis and start sleeping 10 hours as a result of the tiredness,this is the best option i am currently using to kill my time.

6)Start writing posts like this one to kill your time.

7)Take part in the coding competitions going around in the world and start thinking in terms of arrays and strings.

8)Start exploring the applications present in social networking sites like orkut and facebook. Some of the applications are really weird. you find out what colour you are or find out who is your hottest friend or start biting your friends and make them vampires(thou sucketh:courtesy Gautam Sewani).

9)Watching the clock tick away each moment.this one is the least possible way to kill your time.

10)Like me,keep thinking of other 91 ways to kill your time.

i hope that i didn’t disappoint you.i hope succeeded in killing your time to some extent.:-D

PS:your suggestions are most welcome to help me complete the list.