Sunday journal

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I wonder why the Sunday entry in my diary provides me only 4 lines to write. Is it a cost-cutting measure from manufacturer or is it a hidden message that I must take it easy and relax on Sunday? Could it be driven by a survey result that Sundays are in general not memorable enough to write about? Or the Monday morning’s pending reports got something to do with it? I would have loved to scribble more about plausible reasons but alas I have ran out of space.   

Award winning speech!

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**Conditions apply

I have been awarded the Best New Blogger award by Mishi. She is a blogger from Lahore, Pakistan and writes her heart out under the title of My Secret Little Diary . She tells her secrets to her diary and her naughty Diary tells her secrets to the world. Moral of the story: Don’t trust your Personal Diary too much 😉 . Although, I had been blogging since last 4 years but not so regularly, it seems a bit odd to receive the Best New Blogger award now. However, I am really grateful to her to confer upon me my first Blogging award. Moreover, there’s a popular phrase that Better late than never (Whenever, I remember this phrase, I am also remembered of reading the longest joke in the world which not many have had the patience to read till the last line. I personally know only two persons who have read down the entire joke without scrolling down to see when it ends – Jack and me. Do leave behind a comment if you join this elite list).

I was gleefully ready to accept this award as who doesn’t like accepting the awards (except perhaps those who are being conferred Raspberry awards). But my gleefulness took a slight dip when I was told that this award comes along with certain conditions. The conditions are that if someone gives you this award, you have to write a post in which you display the award, write three good things about blogging, write three bad things about blogging and then finally pass on this award to 3 new bloggers. It sounded like a cake walk for a blogger who had taken epic efforts to describe what Laziness is.

Three good things about Blogging are:

  1. Blogging is a great way of sharing your ideas, your feelings, your experiences, your not-so-good jokes.
  2. Blogging connects you with wonderful people from different walks of life such as different profession, different countries, different age-group.
  3. Blogging gives you a clarity of thoughts in putting forward your views. Only a few would blog without trying to ensure that what they blog is comprehensible to others reading it i.e. the world.

 Three bad things about Blogging are:

  1. Blogging is addictive.
  2. Blogging can sometimes lead to a loss of words.
  3. Blogging is addictive.

Four(yeah, instead of three) new bloggers to whom I shall like to pass on this award are:

  1. Soumya, a blogger from Bangalore, India who writes under the blog title of ‘LOL: Life of Leo‘. The blog gives you a hint of her enigmatic personality and her frank attitude (Go find out yourself what hints do you get as the url promises to give you some :-)).
  2. Ishita, a blogger from Pune, India who writes under the pen name of ‘night blogger’ and could be seen expressing her views under the blog title ‘Everyday Stories‘. Although she is not a regular blogger yet, I hope this award shall spur her on to become addicted to blogging 🙂
  3. A mysterious blogger from India who writes under the pen name of ‘Red Handed‘ and also has a blog named the same which she recommends that you should not read 😉 However, do not go by what the tagline says or be scared by the pics on her sidebar widget, as her blog is one such blog where you shall be caught red-handed rolling on floor laughing your ass off (or ROFLMAO as the kids would say these days).
  4. Nia Charms, an Indian blogger whose blogs uninhibitedly about almost anything and appears totally random. But who says craziness can’t bring a smile to your face, check it out to discover how random sometimes her post could be.

What happened since 26 May,2010

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It’s strange that I had almost forgotten the significance of this day i.e. 26 May unless I saw a few status updates from my batch-mates that today is our first graduation anniversary. A year back, this is the day I got my Bachelor’s degree from Prof. Gautam Barua, director of IIT Guwahati. It’s hard to believe that only an year has gone by since that day.

Several events seems to have taken place in last 12 months and that’s why it’s probably hard to believe that all that has happened just in a year’s time. There were quite a few changes in the environment and lifestyle. Let me see if I could summarize what changed in last year.

Firstly, the most apparent change was from college environment to work environment. Then we used to go to lectures and pretended to listen, now we go to the office and hope we can pretend to work but there’s a manager in the office who is there to ensure that we work so that he can pretend to work. Jokes apart, the change of environment has meant inculcating a routine in life which sometimes starts to make life a bit monotonous.

Secondly, the change was in how we lived outside the work environment i.e. the living environment. The changes could be seen in how we became regular visitors to groceries store, how we had to think of managing expenses, think about managing your monthly budget and think about saving taxes by making investments.

Thirdly, the change in relationships. The ‘relation’ of friendship was replaced by the ‘graph’ of networking. In some cases, partly due to circumstances and mostly due to people involved, the college friends became more like acquaintances and some mere acquaintances become your confiders. Well, actually I am not surprised about such cases, maybe because of the changes I had gone through.

I feel these are the major changes I have experienced since last year. Apart from these there have been a change of viewpoint on the significance of weekends and the significance of team outings. In terms of events, an emphasis on making the weekends significant resulted in bike trips, trekking trips, vacation trips, movie shows, lavish dinners, coffee breaks, booze parties etc. Indeed, hard to believe only an year has gone by.