miss to superhit

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well ,the general perspective is that nine-pointers do not miss the classes,they are always there to listen to the crap ,voraciously noting down whatever the lecturer utters ,ask questions which stuns the other group of students ,etc etc.. In a (coco)nutshell ,they are the persons who are always busy with something or the other.

Now coming back to the topic , forunately i had the pleasure of missing classes recently as i was not convinced by the alarm clock that it was time to drag myself out of the bed .As a dreamer,i didn’t want to leave my dreams incomplete.(you see, i am a perfectionist who wants to perfect his dreams ,too).Luckily the class i missed was of Probability which i don’t enjoy as much as my dreams. when i woke up after sometime ,i realised that missing classes is not a sin as it has it’s own advantages,atleast in my opinion.Confused,let me explain the theory of “miss to superhit”.

(isn’t the title like that of a bollywood flick?)

Ok,so get ready for a lecture explaining the great theory of “miss to superhit”. In general ,there are 4 classes per day and if you are not able to concentrate hard enough to stay focussed in the class or the concepts appear to be bouncing over the head,then you must try out this dose of missing classes once in a while.Mind it,i am not preaching to miss all the classes regularly because the excess of any act is dangerous to your health(in this case your CPI).

“sometimes the going gets too fast for your liking ,it’s in your hands to control the speed of your progress or get destroyed in the pursuit of speed of the world.it’s pretty likely that now-a-days we don’t get time to think about ourselves ,so take a break sometimes to re-discover your self and prove your worth to your self.when you try to prove yourself to the world,you try to compete with others but when you try to prove yourself to yourself, you are in the right direction.there is no one better than you to judge you.”

Well now i stop because i would like you to fill in the missing pieces of the theory(you surely are capable of that).i hope that atleast get the essence of what i wanted to say.if not please drop a comment to let me know that this is not a perfect piece.(i hope it is not!)

DISCLAIMER:i would like to specify that this article is not a taunt on anyone(not even the 9 pointers,i am myself one among them).this is just an exaggerated mix of fact and fiction.

finding someone in the crowd

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I realised today that there are some arts which are mastered by practicals and not the theory.Yup,i am talking about the art of making a stranger agree to your proposal to come with you for a dance,or in plain words the art of flirting with unknown faces.It is an act which is looked with contempt by most of the people.But i tell you that it requires a lot of guts to go and speak out your inner feelings to an unfamiliar beauty(beauty is in the eyes of the observer).Most of the time the probability of a “no” hampers the act itself.The fear of failure has always been a deterrent for the guys of my type.
today the entire day,our gang was trying to do “apping” to all and sundry.But we were a bunch of inexperienced “baby flirts”.we were trying to keep each other in high spirits,always encouraging each other to take the initiative and ask the girl if she is interested in coming to the dance floor with him. There was a common trend among all of us.One of us would walk up to the girl and when it appears he is going to ask her ,he suddenly changes the track and walks down the path of “self-discipline and morals”.
though we were looking for someone with decent looks,we were still following the statement “Ek pal ki naadani,zindagi bhar ki pareshani” when looking for our interns.We were careful enough not to look at the campus girls (“one look is enough for a lifetime”) while we were looking for that someone in the crowd.
The funny ways of proposal coming out as the sun was setting down the horizon and there were a lot of gangs to compete for the girls.The scene was quite amusing.Each one looking at each other and saying as if hey ,i look better than you. Soon we realised that we were not alone but the entire batch ,standing in groups, was alone.all the people were waiting out on the streets looking out for someone in the crowd but not daring enough to ask her out.All guys standing on the streets ,in their best presentable looks were looking like a group of male ********.
After a few rounds of to and fro motion ,we decided to give up and proceed towards the Hasya Kavi Sammalen.after the show,i felt patriotic feelings surging inside rather than feeling amused.
So, in all the day was a day to remember.
I would try my luck tommorow again after taking a few lessons today.HOPE is what makes your life a place to live and to dream.


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i guess most of us have an account on orkut or some other social networking sites such as facebook,gazzag,etc…the list goes on and on.these sites are so popular among the folks that it has become a necessity in their life.Someone not having an orkut account is looked upon by others as a creature from the other world.It seems to me that having an orkut account is more valid as proof of your existence than your voter’s identity card.So guys ,if you don’t have an orkut account ,immediately sign up for the orkut today itself by logging onto http://www.orkut.com/.and prove your existence to the world.(i am being paid by the site to advertise it to you via this blog!)

ORKUTTAPA is a term which is being used quite frequently in my institute for an addiction to these social networking sites.the symptoms of this addiction are as follows :

1.the person opens up orkut.com atleast 5 times a day.

2.the person opens it as the first site when he logs in to access the internet

3.he keeps sending friend requests to strangers despite being rejected previously

4.hoping the scraps count will increase while he is refreshing the webpage

There are some interesting cases to study when you look around.for example one of my friends opens up 50-60 profiles simultaneously in different browser windowsof gals until the computer says “dude,i can’t cope up anymore with you,my dear. show some mercy on me!”. another interesting case is of my friend who lives in my neighborhood of 10 metres.He is a person who can’t resist seeing his scrap count at every five minutes.When he comes to my room for asking some doubt ,he can’t resist opening his orkut account even though it has been just five minutes ago when he had last logged in.

I would like to clearly state that i am not an anti-orkut campaigner as orkut comes handy when you are trying to contact some old friend or you are looking for help,there are communities to help u out.The only aspect which worries me is the addiction factor.Guys,orkut is a handy tool for socialisationbut it’s not the only thing ,it’s your personality and attitude which are the most cherished qualities for socialising with others.

I am just trying to put forward my view on the addiction of “the thing” not on “the thing”.feel free to agree and even more free to disagree with me.