Love and Passion

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(Inspired by this poem and this wikipedia article)

Is Love without Passion possible? Is Passion without Love possible? Will that be called Lust? At some times, in our lives we find ourselves pondering over these intangible questions. These questions are hard to answer because the answers depends on one’s perception of these imperceptible human emotions like Love, Passion and Lust. I have always found it hard to draw a line which separates Love and Passion from each other. I have always considered that they co-exist together for a meaningful relationship or in other words, that they co-exist together in a relationship for it to have some meaning really.

However, I realized after reading this Triangular theory of love Wikipedia article that my notion of co-existence of Love and Passion was based on my perception of viewing Love as in from a romantic angle. If I were to define the wider definition of Love, I would say that Love has got three components – mental intimacy, physical intimacy and commitment.

Mental intimacy refers to closeness one feels in terms of being able to understand each other’s thought process or being able to predict each other’s behavior. Friendship could be said to be dominated by this component of Love. Physical intimacy means the attraction to the other person sexually or in other words, attraction driven by our desires.  Infatuation could be described as a kind of love where this physical intimacy is the most dominating component. Commitment is perhaps the component, defining which I find it hardest to articulate. Commitment could be defined as the feeling which makes you think that you would willingly like to stick through thin and thick phases of the other person, support the other person during the bad times and rejoice in their success and celebrate it as your own during the good times. Usually, arranged marriages begin with commitment(forced by marriage) component of love and then progresses to achieve other components of love.

Triangular Love Theory


Based on the above described classification, I would consider a relationship driven by physical intimacy component as Lust if it is a mutual affair, or as Infatuation if it is a one-sided affair. And finally coming to Passion, I perceive it as a relationship where physical intimacy is dominating with mental intimacy hidden behind the perceptible layers.

Defining intrinsic human emotions intricately is not easy. And sometimes, it is in our best interests that we do not try to classify our feelings or emotions.  Although, the classification is really fuzzy, our intellect will reason us to label our emotions which is often not required.

(PS: If you are really interested in Love and Shit, I would recommend you to read the Wikipedia article linked in this post.)


The Ice Cream

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After dinner, I decided to go for a walk to get something for breakfast next day. Since I was new to this locality, I only knew about one such shop where I could get something for breakfast. I walked towards it to find out that it was closed. I checked the time and realized that it was already past 10’o clock.

There was just an ice-cream tuck shop open near that location. I went there and had a look at the choices available. The highest price on the shopkeeper’s menu was Rs 25, I decided to go for a chocolate flavored one which was priced at Rs 15. I took a bite and felt it was decent enough for the price.

I was about to return back to my residence when I noticed a father along with two sons, one holding his hands with his small fingers and the other sitting cozily on his father’s shoulders,  were moving towards this shop. The father bought two small, long, the most inexpensive one, ice cream candies for each of them. He handed over them to his sons and they gleefully put it in their tiny mouths. They didn’t complain of the quality or inexpensiveness of the ice-cream. They were just happy to have something in their mouth which felt so cool and refreshing. The father paid the shopkeeper 4 rupees and went back the way he had arrived.

However, I stood there wondering if I had really missed being childish in my childhood. Was I too mature in my childhood to differentiate between wants and needs. And am I covering up for the missed childishness by treating myself with what I wanted then. I realized that I was thinking too much about all these questions when I realized that the ice cream in my hands has melted away.

I realized that the ice-cream in my hands has melted away and I am left alone with an ice-cold heart. Something which has frosted over years won’t melt away with sparks of feelings. I moved on my way back to the apartment.

(Note: Fictional incident. ‘I’ doesn’t refer to author here.)

Emotion and Reason

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Emotion and Reason.The heading itself points to the conflict that’s always going around in one’s mind.Is it reasonable to be emotional?Should I trust my emotions or my reason?Why is it that the emotions and reasons often seem to conflict?
These questions are too intangible to be solved in a jiffy.I am not an enlightened soul to give an answer to such queries.The answers to such questions is not objective but subjective.
In the modern world,we always seem to be so busy all the time,not knowing where we are going or what we are doing.Today,i looked up at the sky and it seemed to be an eternity since the last time i had seen the sky with no thoughts in my mind.But in today’s world people talking abstract ideas are called philosophers who didn’t have something worthwhile to study.
At times i have felt,i should have shown some emotions to the people who love me but my reason says that there is no need to show-off the emotions,it would look dramatic.And i have listened to my reason and i have held back my emotions.It’s only later in the life i realize how much the emotions matter.
A hug or encouraging words are sometimes what one needs to buck up and face his challenges.
But reason is equally important to help you control your mind and concentrate on your task and not about the past incidents which make you feel nostalgic.
I hope my friends would be reasonable to understand my lack of emotions sometimes.Emotion and Reason always go hand in hand to keep the balance in your life.You can’t value one of them ahead of the other.