freshers intro time

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DISCLAIMER:this post lacks in content.the author was trying to kill his time.go ahead if you have similar intentions.

Now as the summer vacations are about to end,it marks the beginning of an odd semester here at iitg.odd semester means new admissions,new faces and excitement among seniors to have a crack at these fresh faces.the freshers are preparing themselves to face the music and seniors are preparing the soundtracks.
life at college goes at a frenetic’s hard to believe that 2 years have gone by and a fresher has turned into a super-senior.but that’s how life goes on,when you wish the clock to move at a faster pace,it appears to have slowed down a bit and vice versa.(anurag’s pathetic sense of humor comments “how can a clock move faster if it has got no legs”)
i am looking forward to have a good time with freshers.