Bat Humor

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“How does the cold steel feel against your neck?”, asked Joker.

“It is definitely not colder than your blood”, replied Batman in his usual husky voice.

“Aah! I have always liked your wit. I shall testify at your funeral that you were a man of good humor till the last breath”, said Joker with a wicked smile.

Then, he dug the knife a bit deeper into his neck. With a childlike fascination, he watched the warm blood gush out of the cut he inflicted on his neck.

“Aah! It hurts. You definitely know how to touch a nerve literally”, groaned Batman in an uncharacteristic tone.

“Yeah, I definitely do. The first cut has served the purpose of removing that smug huskiness from your voice”, said Joker smugly.

“And what would be the purpose of the second cut?”, asked Batman with an anxious look over his face.

“To know that, you will have to wait for the second part of this post”, interrupted the author with a smug look over his face.

Inner scoop on Dilscoop

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Just Kidding News
14th July, 2011

A confidential source within the Sri Lankan team has revealed to us why Tillakaratne Dilshan started playing the Dilscoop shot.

A few years back in June 2009 in ICC World Twenty20, Dilshan was in great touch and was driving the ball down the ground handsomely as can be seen in the picture below.

Dilshan driving the ball down the ground

After a few overs, there was a drinks break and after that he was seen scooping the deliveries behind the wicket which were very similar to those he had been driving down the ground. And with that a new cricketing stroke was innovated which later became famous as Dilscoop.

Dilshan scooping the ball behind the wicket

Our source reveals that he started playing scoop shots because apparently, he didn’t want to want to violate any traffic rules, especially like the ones which say Don’t Drink and Drive.


Two kind of people

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1) There are two kind of writers in this world – one who explains the title to his readers and other who trusts the intelligence of his readers.

10) There are two kind of readers – one who are flattered by considering themselves belonging to the second category mentioned in previous statement and others who aren’t. Just kidding!

11) There are two kind of readers among those who read my posts on a regular basis – one who get my jokes like made in previous statement and others who don’t. I belong to the latter category.

100) There are two kind of people I love – she and then the rest of world.

101) There are two kind of people – one who write lists like this and other who read lists like this.

110) There are two kind of cricketers in this world – Sachin and then the others.

111) There are two kind of list writers in this world – one who make an obvious statement like (110) to add an item to their list and others who make a statement about such an obvious statement to add an extra item to their list.

1000) There are two kind of my sincere followers – one who know who she referred to in (100) and others who shall read my last post to find out who she refers to.

PS to non-CS: There are 10 kind of people in this world – one who think in binary and others who don’t.