Why monkey could be our ancestors?

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Well,you might be knowing that according to our evolution theory,monkey are our ancestors.We take this as a fact for granted.But personally,we seldom bother to see our connection with monkeys.Now as the heading of my blog reads “Random Thoughts”,the evidences i give to prove that our ancestors are monkey may appear naive and random for sure.And not cutting the crap down,let me go on to describe 2 scenes from our daily life which all of us would have observed.

Scene 1: I am going back to my hostel.I observe a goat rubbing it’s body against the small wall of the sidewalk.So,it was evident that the goat was helping itself by letting the wall itch her body.(ya,it was a female goat,but i am not a goat-lover).Seeing the poor female goat needing a wall to help herself out,I thanked God for making me armed(literally and symbolically) to itch myself without looking for someone or something.

Scene 2:Well,sorry folks,scene 2 didn’t take place in real.But it took place in my imagination.

Imaginary part of Scene 2:I was thinking that we humans are really lucky to be armed to itch ourselves out.Now,I really feel sorry for armless people,they are reduced to the state of a goat,damn.
But then i realized that there was an animal which could itch himself like us.The animal is monkey.

So,summing up the scene 1 and imaginary scene 2,it is evident that humans as well as monkey are capable of itching themselves.And this may not be a mere coincidence,it points out that monkey could be our ancestors.That’s all i have to say.
(Now,this is what i call scientific reasoning and logic skills at display.I hope you appreciated my scientific temper.)

A fool doesn’t mind being made an April fool !!!

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April 1,the auspicious April Fool’s day, when everyone except fools(like me) tries to act at their best wit to avoid being getting outwitted by others.But unfortunately there is no respite for a fool even on a Fool’s Day,he has to go out there and attend classes,take notes and most importantly get fooled around by his batchmates.

The Day begins with a Physics Quiz.I was left at my wits end to answer the questions and ultimately ended in screwing them badly and was expecting a zero after the quiz.I thought what a start to this day with a symbol perfectly symbolizing me.But hold on dear,that was just the beginning.After that I tried to understand the “random processes” being taught in the class but by the end of the class i realized that the probability of understanding the topic is approaching my favorite symbol:the great 0.Now,it was time to watch out the “greedy algorithms” but i am quite liberal and not greedy,so i started dozing soon.When i came to my senses,the class was over and i jumped out of my seat to get a cup of coffee.But as Fate would have it,Satyajeet comes in my way and says that i have been selected for summer internship at IITK.By the time I realized that the last date of submitting forms was till 31st march,I was flying in the air.My batchmates had taken complete control of my body and some of them started kicking my a**.(I had applied to IITK for summer internship and was expecting a reply from them,so i felt into the trap. )Luckily , the experience didn’t last too long.After attending the classes,i rushed back to my hostel before being pranked once more today.

But destiny had something else written for me.So,i came back to complete the assignment of making class diagrams on Rose,the so-called 1-crore software.(mukund believes that it is not worth more than a paint).I checked my webmail and i see a mail from csea.(the mail from CSEA asking for applications ).It said that HP is looking for a campus ambassador and they would give a tablet PC to the selected person.Now,tablet PC caught my attention and now i realize in hindsight that perhaps i was not dozing perfectly while “greedy algorithms” were being taught in the class.So,i decided to reply back to that mail and it really took me some time,in fact 3-4 hours to think of abstract answers to the questions given in the application form.What it meant was that i procrastinated my assignment to next day for answering to this mail.(my application)

Next day,i meet some of the other contenders for the HP campus ambassador in my batch like my dear friend Nitin Gupta.Little did we know what was going behind the scenes,what plans were being hatched by the masterminds of our department.The surprise came on 3rd April,when I check my webmail and see a mail regarding HP campus ambassador.My eyes lit up as i was thinking about the contents of the mail,am i selected for the interview call or as my cellphone being dead did i miss the call and some other guy has been selected.But the mail(secret revealed) said that it was a prank!!!

Luckily my cellphone was not working and i missed the interview call.But Nitin Gupta is furious over the incident and is baying for Abhishek Anand’s blood, one of the prankster.

There were some other incidents,like Galav and Sanjay incident,Abhijeet incident but i would elaborate them if I get enough comments on this.After all a fool deserves some comments for typing this stuff.

Public Warning to Abhishek Anand :If i do not get SPI of 10.0 this time,(you wasted my 4 hours,buddy)i am going to kick your a**.You better start calculating the probability of the likelihood of this event.