miss to superhit

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well ,the general perspective is that nine-pointers do not miss the classes,they are always there to listen to the crap ,voraciously noting down whatever the lecturer utters ,ask questions which stuns the other group of students ,etc etc.. In a (coco)nutshell ,they are the persons who are always busy with something or the other.

Now coming back to the topic , forunately i had the pleasure of missing classes recently as i was not convinced by the alarm clock that it was time to drag myself out of the bed .As a dreamer,i didn’t want to leave my dreams incomplete.(you see, i am a perfectionist who wants to perfect his dreams ,too).Luckily the class i missed was of Probability which i don’t enjoy as much as my dreams. when i woke up after sometime ,i realised that missing classes is not a sin as it has it’s own advantages,atleast in my opinion.Confused,let me explain the theory of “miss to superhit”.

(isn’t the title like that of a bollywood flick?)

Ok,so get ready for a lecture explaining the great theory of “miss to superhit”. In general ,there are 4 classes per day and if you are not able to concentrate hard enough to stay focussed in the class or the concepts appear to be bouncing over the head,then you must try out this dose of missing classes once in a while.Mind it,i am not preaching to miss all the classes regularly because the excess of any act is dangerous to your health(in this case your CPI).

“sometimes the going gets too fast for your liking ,it’s in your hands to control the speed of your progress or get destroyed in the pursuit of speed of the world.it’s pretty likely that now-a-days we don’t get time to think about ourselves ,so take a break sometimes to re-discover your self and prove your worth to your self.when you try to prove yourself to the world,you try to compete with others but when you try to prove yourself to yourself, you are in the right direction.there is no one better than you to judge you.”

Well now i stop because i would like you to fill in the missing pieces of the theory(you surely are capable of that).i hope that atleast get the essence of what i wanted to say.if not please drop a comment to let me know that this is not a perfect piece.(i hope it is not!)

DISCLAIMER:i would like to specify that this article is not a taunt on anyone(not even the 9 pointers,i am myself one among them).this is just an exaggerated mix of fact and fiction.