Laziness part 2

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The last time i tried to write a post on Laziness but Laziness prevailed. However, this time Boredom has pushed me to pen down my thoughts on Laziness. Although, i know that what i write is not going to have a life-changing impact on your life but i am sure that it is going to have a time-changing impact in your life. (For those who got the joke, kudos to you because you can understand my attempts at humor. For others, i would suggest you to go somewhere else to make better use of your precious time.)

There exists a fine balance between Boredom and Laziness. Boredom can make you try out new things like driving, swimming, exercising, yoga etc. It give you plenty of time to update your blog, ping up old friends and say ‘wassup dude’ or ‘hey, you are looking pretty’. But when you try to push in too many things, then Laziness comes into the picture and helps you to slow down things until you get relaxed and then finally bored. We spend our lives in this circle of Boredom and Laziness, at least i do.

In the school days, when we were taught how to write an essay, we were told to try to structure it and write down points first and then develop them. So, i tried to structure my thoughts about Laziness and these are the points that i come up with.
– What is Laziness?
– What are the reasons behind it?
– What are its consequences?
– How to overcome your Laziness?

Laziness is a trait which accounts for the delay in Indian Government offices. Laziness is a trait which accounts for computer science graduates being unaware of the latest products from Google/Apple/Orange etc. Laziness is a trait which lies beneath the optimistic slogan of my computer science batch i.e. sab theek ho jayega (All shall be well). Laziness is a trait which accounts for a computer science graduate writing down abstract, humorless posts than updating the world with his technical findings.

PS: post incomplete, Laziness overcame Boredom now. Aur waise bhi itna likhna ke baad chauki(DD) toh lag hi jayegi iss post pe.

congrats on your graduation

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Tum: Hey, you look a bit disappointed.
Hum: Yeah, i am feeling a bit down.
Tum: Why?
Hum: Even though i too had graduated, i didn’t get any comments on facebook saying congrats, unlike you.
Tum: Yeah, I know that’s so sad. That’s so gender based complimentation. sab theek ho jayega.
Hum: Eureka! I got it.
Tum: What?
Hum: I think i have got the reason behind this facebook trend.
Tum: What?
Hum: I believe we congratulate you because in the first place we don’t rate you smart enough to graduate and when you do so, we frankly admit that you are not as bad as we thought and hence the compliment.
Tum: What the hell!
Hum: Yeah, I know that’s so sad. That’s so gender based complimentation. sab theek ho jayega.
Hum: By the way, congrats!
Tum: Why?
Hum: Because you have graduated.
Tum: What the hell! I wanna go home.
Hum: It was nice having this conversation. You changed my mood. Bye.

(PS: Even though the views presented here are meant to be taken lightly, the author anticipates some animated congrats comments on this post from ‘Tum’ side.)

Extension of April Fools’ Day

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Date: 2nd April
Time: 9:00 am
Venue: An ABC college

Professor: Why didn’t you come to the class yesterday?
Student: Sir, it’s not my fault. Yesterday, one of my classmates fooled me by saying that yesterday’s class was cancelled. Later in the evening, he conveyed to me while chatting that he was making me an April fool. He also added ‘colon P’ to emphasize his cool sense of humor.
Professor: hmm… send him to my office today.

Moral of the story: April Fool’s day can even be extended to the next day.

(Note: I haven’t tried this trick yet. If someone succeeds using this trick, please let me know.)