The incomplete truth

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He has just returned to his small town. He was treated like a winner who has came back to his native town after an exile. He had cleared JEE after slogging for the last two years. Amidst all the celebrations happening around him, his heart still wandered away to her memories — her face, her innocence, her smile …

Remembering her, he also remembered a promise which he had made to himself. He chuckled now, thinking of that promise. He had taken a resolution that he would tell her the truth about how he felt about her if he managed to clear JEE with a decent rank. At the time of taking this resolution, he assumed that he would become a Man with courage after cracking JEE. But somethings do not change with time and now he had realized that. His inner soul kept pinching him and advising him to make a call and tell her the truth. After all, she wouldn’t eat him alive for telling her the truth.

He finally gave in to his inner voice and started searching for her contact number.Finally, with trembling fingers he punched those numbers into his phone and waited for it to ring. As soon as it began ringing, his heat beat grew faster and he immediately canceled the call by pressing the Red button. He could feel his heart thumping and he was sweating like someone trying to hide an invaluable secret. After few more moments of indecision, he once again redialled the number. After a few rings, she picked up the phone and said “hello”. The moment of truth had arrived for him but one still needs to build up to the climax to deliver the truth. He was not surprised that she didn’t recognize his voice as he had hardly ever talked to her apart from a few formal mono-syllabic exchanges. He talked about his recent achievement and then asked her what she was doing currently. She said a few words that he may not have listened but her voice still rings in his head. Then, he finally thought of conveying his feelings about her but his mind modified the words that finally came out. He said “you know something, i loved you.” Realizing the mess he had made, he continued “[laughing] yes, i loved you and guess what, i had promised to myself that i shall propose to you after i had cracked JEE. Now, when i think of it, it appears so childish, isn’t it?”. She too laughed with him. Her laughter is still preserved in his memories. She agreed that it was really a childish promise. Now, the incomplete truth had been transferred and there was no going back for him. He wanted to say goodbye, perhaps the final one on a cheerful note. He laughed and thanked her as she was one of the motivations for him to crack that exam. She accepted the thanks and said bye. He too said bye and heaved a sigh of relief. Although he didn’t say the complete truth but he felt better anyways. Perhaps, he thought that it was better to live the life knowing that she might have accepted his proposal had he done it than to live the life knowing that his proposal was rejected by her after delivering the complete truth.

Decisions made by humans may sometimes appear very strange. A final word about this story — It all ends here(./?)

If only ……

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if only she had felt my love
i would not have been alone
if only she had turned back
i would not have been alone.

if only she had not met me
i would not have felt love
if only she were not my friend
i would not have felt despair.

if only i had not gone away
she would have reached me
if only i was not shy
she would have felt my love.

if only i had not the fear of losing
she would have loved me
if only i could write history again
we would have not separated.