imagining myself at the 50th birthday.

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I had written this essay applying for opjems scholarship 2007.
“It’s a quite strange question which really made me feel that someday i would become a 50 year old.
First of all,i hope that i live upto that age .thinking like a 50 year old person is like putting myself in the footsteps of my father. Now it becomes somewhat sensible for me to imagine what i would like the critical stakeholders of my life to say about me on my 50th birthday .
I would like my spouse to express the love she has in her heart for me. I would be elated to hear that i had acted as a responsible,loving,caring and affectionate person. I had always tried to support her mentally (and economically too!). i have always behaved as a friend to her and not acted like a dictator who would impose his orders on his servant. I wish she could say that she really loves me very much and would continue doing so with her love increasing for me day by day.i wish she says that all these years of our marriage has been a real joy to pass by and i have never let her down or left her alone to face the storms of time.
I would like my children to say that they are really proud of me. I have always acted like a friend cum father to them. I have helped them guide in reaching their destinies and choosing the right path of profession. I would wish that they say that they have never been forced by me to take decisons that were senseless. I wish they say that they really appreciate the decisions i have taken about them and they are really proud of the culture that i have inculcated in them. I wish they would say that they really like my morals and would try to abide by them in their own lives.
I would like my colleagues to say that i have acted with them in a friendly manner .they really appreciate my abilities and are proud of having the experience to work with me.they have enjoyed working under me and i have always helped them in moments of crisis.i wish they would say that they would always support me and help me get over my worse times.
That’s all,i could imagine.”