A new year resolution

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s a common practice to begin a new year with a resolution to take up something that you believe would improve you or will have a positive impact on your life. However, the thing about new year resolutions is that it’s so common for a new year resolution to fail that resolutions can be divided into two categories: resolutions that you are serious about and would keep to yourself and probably a few close friends, and then there are these new year resolutions that shall be used as ice-breakers or to start phony conversations with people when you get bored playing some new in-game on your smartphone or checking your phone for social network updates. (The word count capability in wordpress editor made me realize that I had used 114 words for the first two sentences, and the count alarmed me and I was like whoa! that’s really a lot of words to tell that resolutions are of two types: phony ones and real ones.)

So, my advice (or rather my learning, because anyways who cares what’s my advice is as if I were the all-knowing and all), is if you have to take a resolution do it from the day you think about it and don’t wait for 1st of January (or for that matter, some other particular day like your cat’s or dog’s birthday), just do it from that day itself, write it down on your wall (and I don’t mean Facebook wall) if you need a daily reminder or note it down in your notebook or diary, keep track of it regularly (Although, I think you would know it yourself that you are falling behind before the notebook tells you), reward yourself treats for achieving checkpoints, if necessary. By the way, by no means I wanna sound preachy and all, I am not saying that you gotta follow what I said (in that order), rather you should figure out your own plan of how you will keep up with your resolution.

Although, I am not out of words to write (or type if I have to be literal here), but I am out of wind to write. I thought that it only applied to smokers who find themselves out of breath after they had to run a few feet. But I see (or maybe it’s just me) that I am unable to continue writing after being out of touch for more than a year. So, maybe more words next time and hopefully soon.