The Nerd and The Princess

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In the childhood, we all would have heard the story of the frog and the princess where a frog turns into prince when it was kissed by a princess. Just to read back the story once again, I searched for the story on web and was surprised to know that there were quite a few variants of basically two “froggy” stories (The Frog Prince and The Frog Princess).

As I have matured (nerded) over the years, I have started feeling that this story must have been written by a nerd. If not, it needs to re-written by a nerd as the story ‘The Nerd and The Princess’ would be very apt in the modern settings. I think he was metaphorically raising the hopes of all the nerds living in that era. I think he wanted to convey the message to all the nerds in his era that don’t lose hope even if you look as ugly as a frog, you have a chance to find a beautiful princess who can be tricked into kissing you and then you can live happily ever after.

PS: Here’s your bedtime story The ‘Frog’ and the Princess 😉

It’s time for a break

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Although she knew that it was coming, she tried hard to pretend that she didn’t know. It’s strange how sometimes we think that we can prevent something from happening by closing our eyes, very similar to a cat who closes her eyes and thinks that it’s dark outside and hence nobody can see her.

I knew that it was time that we are done with the formalities. If not we, at least I wanted to get done with the formalities as soon as possible. Reflecting back, I remember that I was the one who was eager to get into a relationship with her and surprisingly, today I am the one who was eager to get out of that relationship. Yes, strange things do happen and one can say that Truth is stranger than Fiction. But today, I didn’t want to look back at the past because doing so has only been delaying the inevitable for the past few months. It was the moment to act and go ahead and break someone’s heart.

I picked up the phone and dialed her number. She greeted me as usual with a vibrant ‘Hiii’ . I thought for a moment, how could I ever say this to someone whose voice has always lifted my moods and made me forget about the low balance in my cellphone whenever i talked to her. Those low-balance days were gone now and so had those feelings. I gathered my thoughts once again and tried to voice them in a steady tone.

I: “you must have heard that people can change a lot with time.”
She: “yeah, so?”
I: “You haven’t changed much but i have changed. I have become more ‘practical’ now. I think it’s time that we break up.” 
She: “Are you joking?”
I : ” I wish I could have said that i was joking as i usually always said.”

She started crying and then shouting at me. I felt a bit sorry for a moment but she continued her whining which made me feel better with each passing moment. After a few more moments, I disconnected the phone and stared into the sky and saw that it was lit up brightly with twinkling stars. Those twinkling stars,  reminded me of my childhood days and what my mother used to tell me about those stars. She used to say that all the good people become stars after-life and the more the good you do in life, the more you shall shine out there after-life. I grinned remembering those innocent, childhood days. Then, I looked at the most brightly lit star in the sky and shouted to it “Dude! I am coming there soon and I am going to outshine you.”