A stranger actually calls

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I was watching the movie ‘Jhoota Hi Sahi‘ in a multiplex when my phone started vibrating. Since, it was a call from an unknown number, I ignored the call and rejected it. After a few moments, I again get a call from the same number, I ignored it once again. However, the caller didn’t give up and tried calling me for 2 more times and I chose the same action as before. However, now I was a bit worried as to why that unknown number has been trying to reach me. Maybe, I was worried more due to effect of movie I was watching. In the movie, John Abraham used to get calls from strangers who were thinking of committing suicide and called for counseling help.

For a moment, I thought I should call back that moment itself, as who knew that caller maybe really needed some counseling. I also thought who knew this might be the call I have waiting for, all my life so far.  Who knew it maybe my lucky day and the stranger was my dream girl like Sid finds his dream girl in the movie ‘Jhoota hi Sahi’. In hindsight, I can tell that my thought process was seriously influenced by what I had been watching for last two hours. I almost decided to call him up but then The Miser Me reared its head and advised me that I should use my 500 free sms per month service. Last month,  I only managed to use about 50 smses. I took his advice. Then, began an interesting sms conversation which managed to keep me awake while the emotional melodramatic climax in the movie was unfolding.

me: Who are you?
stranger: I am sure.
me: Sure? Who?
stranger: Your number is myne.

(He again tried calling me.  I rejected. Then he sent me an sms. By the way, you may have noticed that i have started using ‘he’ instead of ‘stranger’. If you are wondering how i deduced his gender, it is because such asshole behavior is generally, found in male species.)

stranger: who are you?
me: I am anurag. who are you?
stranger: Plz tell me your name.
(I ignored)
stranger: Where do you live?
stranger: Who gave you this number?

I ignored and decided to switch off my phone and call him after the movie is over. After the movie, i called the stranger and not surprisingly, the stranger was ‘he’. He said that the number from which i am calling is his number. I tried to give him a logical explanation that maybe the Airtel guys recycle the number which have become invalid due to not being used for a certain period of time. I am not sure he bought my logical reasoning but i decided to disconnect then and buy a cup of coffee to get over the movie and the stranger.

A stranger calls – part 4

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(Continuing from at the crossroads: A stranger calls – part 3)

As I moved on from one chain of thought to another chain of thought, the bus also moved forward towards my destination. It was hard to tell who was changing gears quickly, my mind or the bus. Perhaps, this comparison is unjust as we were on different planes, one in the “real” world and the other in the “surreal” world. A slight vibration which gradually gained momentum, was the random event in this chaotic world which led back my mind to the real world.
It took me a moment to realize that the source of this vibration(irritation) was my mobile phone. The mobile screen was showing that an unknown number was calling me and it presented me with two options “Accept” or “Reject”. I thought wouldn’t life be simple if we could break down each situation in life with two options “Accept” or “Reject”. I suspected that this call may be yet another promotional offer which shall be offered to me in a sweet and courteous voice. At that moment, I felt I was in need of some sweetness in my life, so I selected the “Accept” option.
I was not wrong in my assumption of the voice at the other end being sweet, but I was wrong in assuming that there would be only one sweet voice at the other end. There was a conversation going on at the other end, in which I decided to “Accept” the invitation to overhear without interfering. It turned out to be exactly the conversation which I was desperate to hear.
A: “You know, I think he is not seriously interested in me.”
B: “Why do you think so?”
A: “I stalked his facebook profile and his comments on other’s profiles suggests that he is flirting with others as well.”
B: “Oh! you act like a baby. At least he has only a single profile, my boyfriend had two profiles and he thought that I didn’t knew about his other profile which he was using for another girl.”
A: “So, what did you do?”
B: “I contacted the other girl and told her about his double game. Then both of us dumped him and now we both are in a relationship.”
A: “With whom?”
B: “Silly! with one-another.”
A: “But what do I do in my case. Should I make any advances in our relationship?”
B: “I suggest you should. I know him very well. He is right now desperate for a girlfriend, that’s why he is flirting around with every facebook profile in his list which says ‘Gender: female’. But keeping his desperation aside, I know that once he finds someone who reciprocates his emotions, he shall be committed to him for entire life.”
A: “I guess, you are right about him. After all, you are his sister.”

I wanted to hear more but this interesting conversation was interrupted by another voice.

C: “Did you find the conversation you just heard interesting enough? If so, log on to xyz.com and watch full episodes of our brand new TV soap ‘Desperate Engineers’ from the makers of famous soaps like ‘How to screw up your date’ and ‘Give me more’.”
The conversation was definitely interesting and needless to say, later in the day, I logged onto xyz.com.

A stranger calls – part 3

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( Continuing from at the crossroads: A stranger calls – part 2

Note to special readers: For those of you who are still following this series of posts and are wondering why i am calling this series as “A stranger calls” and yet there are no indications of any stranger coming into picture (rather story) , I would like to assure you that the stranger will call as soon as he recharges his prepaid mobile account. Thanks for still sticking around and waiting patiently alongwith me for the stranger to call.

(Source: http://faithwriters.com/blog/2010/08/19/thursday-this-and-that-dealing-with-writers-block/)

I am wondering if I should change the title to “side-effects of writer block” )